McCarthy is Quick to Point Out How Free Speech is Being Hindered


Kevin McCarthy is so much more than the House Minority Leader. He is the beacon of hope inside of the House, a voice that is willing to stand up against Nancy Pelosi, and a leader who will point out when the liberal left is smothering American freedoms.

Free speech has been a topic of concern for a while now. It seems that the Dems can say what they want about whomever they want without facing any kind of pushback. Yet, if a conservative opens their mouth to speak up, they are ridiculed, or the cancel culture comes after them. In some instances, those who speak up are even marked as a terrorist thanks to the new rules of the Department of Justice.

Ahh, don’t you just love the unity that Biden has brought to the country? It appears that he redefined that word without telling anyone, too.

Rather than being critiqued, Joe Biden along with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has decided that “misleading narratives” are what leads to domestic terrorism.

McCarthy said, “President Biden believes the greatest threat to the homeland is any American using their First Amendment right to question the Government. State-sponsored threats against free speech are un-American. Mayorkas should rescind this intimidation tactic immediately.”

It’s important that we pay very close attention to what is going on. The Democrats don’t want us to criticize anything they’re doing. They know that they’re breaking the rules. They know that their decisions put Americans in danger. Rather than changing their tactic, they’ll turn around and threaten any American who dares to question what it is that they’re doing.

Mayorkas actually had the audacity to issue a “National Terrorism Advisory.” Before we even go into what this says, let’s first point out that Mayorkas is the one who has helped to let countless undocumented immigrants into the country – many of whom are terrorists, murderers, rapists, and criminals. Yet, somehow, homegrown Americans are the threat.

Mayorkas said that there’s a “heightened threat environment” as a result of false and misleading narratives, which are all designed to undermine the public’s trust in U.S. government institutions. He went on to give the example that online “proliferation” of false narratives having to do with “unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19” have led to violent extremist attacks throughout 2021.

What country is this guy living in?

There’s a lack of trust in government institutions because the Biden administration has not offered the level of transparency that they promised. Further, there is most certainly substantiated evidence that election fraud occurred – and are we just supposed to forget that the Democrats did the exact same thing in 2016 where they cried for four years that Trump wasn’t their president?

Further, the only “violent extremist attacks” that occurred in 2020 and 2021 belong to the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA groups, which had everything to do with race. If Mayorkas is trying to refer to the January 6 event, it was hardly violent in comparison to the BLM riots that have been going on.

One of the worst things that Biden could have done is identify Mayorkas as the head of DHS. He’s a radical who believes in pro-migration, even if it puts Americans at risk. Rob Law, a former staffer with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services agency said, “Our Homeland Security is more concerned about citizens having contrarian views than about illegal aliens breaking our immigration laws.”

McCarthy helped to stir the pot, but there are even more who want to see serious action be taken against Mayorkas, especially now that he’s issued this ridiculous advisory. Representative Chip Roy is even calling for Congress to impeach Mayorkas.

It’s so much more than an attack on free speech. It’s an attack on America, its democracy, and our way of life. If we don’t impeach Mayorkas, we’ll end up going to jail simply because we don’t believe that Biden is trying to unite us all.