Judge Sides With Rapist and Keeps Him From Being Placed on Registry

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Loudoun County, Virginia, is the setting of a showdown involving a young girl being raped by a 15-year-old boy and a school district that did not want to do anything to protect the girl. The reaction against the school district was one of shock and dismay because they refused to take any part in protecting the victim. But that issue pales compared to what the judge did when it came time to sentence the boy.

The young man was found to have sexually assaulted two students. His crimes had earned him a spot on the sex offender registry. But when the time came to sentence the boy, Judge Pamela Brooks could not follow through with what needed to be done. She believes that the court had made a mistake and decided not to put the boy on the registry.

The Daily Wire reported that the young boy “was found guilty of two counts of sodomy relating to the incident on May 28, 2021, at Stone Bridge High School, as well as another incident at Broad Run High School on October 6. There was also another alleged assault victim, but he was never charged. He is on supervised probation until he turns 18 at a locked juvenile treatment center.”

The judge thinks that the boy does not deserve to be placed on the sex registry. She mentioned that the boy has no prior history of such actions. But the point of the registry is to protect the community so they know the potential danger is hiding in their neighborhoods.

The sick part of the story is that the offender is now the one being portrayed as the victim. The young man sexually assaults two girls and is, somehow, the victim because he must face his punishment. The liberals still trying to rein in Virginia have twisted the environment so severely that a rapist can get away with committing violent crimes and not have to answer for them.

The boy has three attorneys named William Mann, Jonathan Moore, and Caleb Keshner. These men sit on the County Board of Supervisors and are responsible for claiming the boy is the victim.

No one forced this boy to attack the girls and force himself on them. He did all of those actions himself. But Kershner maintains that the boy has never been given a chance. Except that thought is false because the teen has had 15 years to make his choices. He chose to take away the purity of two girls and do things to them that would affect them for the rest of their lives. And somehow, he is the victim of all of the horrors he created.

The Daily Wire reported that “Scott Smith, the father of the victim raped at Stone Bridge High School, believes it is his family that has been wronged by the system. He released a statement after the hearing describing how he and his wife are ‘heartbroken’ and ‘mad at how the justice system and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s attorney has let down [his] daughter, as well as the other victims of his predatory actions.’”

Smith points out that absolute failure is not giving the boy the total weight of punishment for his crimes. The so-called failure of the system happens to be not holding the man accountable for his actions. And now, all he is thinking is that he can get away with it again.

This unexpected twist in the case has prompted Jason Miyares, the new attorney general in Virginia, to look into the county and see what kind of cover-up is taking place. At first, the school district did not want to investigate the boy, and now a judge wants to lighten his punishment.

The school district never even reported the matter to law enforcement, which they are supposed to do. And now, there seems to be a massive attempt to keep this boy from being placed on a sex registry for rapping several young girls. The liberals are up to their necks in the criminal coverup, hoping that they will not be discovered.