IRS Tries to Photo Bomb the Public but Relents After Pushback

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Joe Biden and his mafia administration have been trying to empower agencies such as the IRS to have full authority to attack and force the general public to submit to illegal activities against them. The latest attempt by the Democrats to seize control over people and eliminate privacy was to let the IRS demand that people submit a picture of themselves when filing their taxes, which is ironic since they do not want to make people present identification before letting them vote.

The Democrats are all about controlling the general population. They want to be able to force people to submit to their control even when it violates personal liberty. The prolonging of the pandemic and attempts to force vaccinations on people are prime examples of their attempts to seize control. But the very notion that people must submit their pictures to pay their taxes is absurd and an invasion of privacy.

The Daily Caller reported that “The agency had previously announced plans to require users to sign in to the IRS website through third-party identity verification firm and provide a government identification document alongside a selfie. The IRS said the move would provide users with greater security and accessibility to their tax information.”

Their motives behind such a drastic move seem noble and sincere until one begins to think through why the IRS would need pictures of every taxpayer. The fact that they want every person to submit a photo gives them the perfect database to begin identifying people of interest.

That kind of database would be the perfect mechanism they could use to classify people as friendly or hostile based on political alignment. But their idea would soon be scrapped based on the amount of pushback they would receive.

The IRS tried to photobomb the country and got plastered for it. Chuck Rettig is the IRS Commissioner, and he stated that “The IRS takes taxpayer privacy and security seriously, and we understand the concerns that have been raised. Everyone should feel comfortable with how their personal information is secured, and we are quickly pursuing short-term options that do not involve facial recognition.”

There is no reason for the IRS to have that kind of power and facial recognition system except if they had plans of using it illegally for Biden’s agenda. Biden has tried to implement plans for certain strategic agencies to have the ability to engage the public with force if it were necessary. He wanted the IRS to have the ability to sneak a peek into private bank accounts so he could search for money that he could tax to fund his federal programs. But the general public is not about letting those kinds of things happen.

Republican lawmakers are firing back at the idea of selfie submission as well. Senator Roger Wicker sent off a letter to the IRS demanding answers on how they intended to force people to submit pictures of themselves. The lack of privacy should cause many to stand against such an action.

The technology dealing with facial recognition is an invitation to disaster. One politician after another has come out and told the IRS that the path they are walking is difficult. Any person wanted for any crime would be immediately identified and their location traced.

The Democrats have already tried to brand Republicans as terrorists. And this kind of access to privacy would give the liberals the perfect platform to find and arrest all conservatives. And it would start with a simple selfie. Any person marked by the federal government as a terrorist would potentially be arrested without even knowing why they were being taken into custody.

Joe Biden and those that control him are devious and snakish. They will try just about any idea to gain control over the general population. All it will take is one idea to make its way to completion, and they would have the means to enact their agenda. The American people need to vote the Democrats out of office before they can destroy America as it is known today.