Hunter Biden Is So Crooked Even His Repair Man Can’t Stand Him


Hunter Biden continues to be the one highly elusive entity. He hides behind his daddy, the old president, because he knows his world will come crashing down as soon as he shows his ugly head. The man is involved in questionable activities, but it seems no one can bring him to justice. And now, it seems that there is more to the man than any person has ever realized.

The president’s son is a walking mystery, and it seems that he likes it that way. The more mysterious the man can make himself, the better off he keeps from being found guilty. But when he walked into a computer repair shop in 2019, the employee who helped him could tell something was off.

John Paul Mac Isaac was the man tasked with trying to help Biden. He stated, “When I asked for his last name, there was a long pause. And he kind of sarcastically added Biden. I had to ask Hunter for his password. And he started laughing. He was like, ‘You’re not really gonna like this.'”

The fact that Biden did not want to tell Isaac his real name should raise some serious red flags. Biden needed his computer fixed to continue to access the sick and disgusting images that he had saved to his desktop.

Isaac revealed that Hunter Biden had a ton of porno images on the computer. The president’s son was guilty of engaging in pornography viewing to feed his sick habits. But that was not the tip of the iceberg that would get Biden into trouble with the FBI.

Isaac dug deeper and found that the porno king had made over $1 million from Burisma Holdings. And it was that discovery that prompted Isaac to call the FBI and report what he had found.

It has been suspected that the FBI was favorable to the Democratic Party for a long time. After Isaac tipped off the organization, they failed to investigate the man. Isaac stated, “I think that was my first indication that maybe the FBI was more interested in returning the laptop to the former owner and protecting the Bidens than protecting me or getting this to the proper channel.”

No one was even interested in the illegal activities of the president’s son. That is until Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer found out about the laptop and wanted to take a look. The only way a person can report something and not find themselves in trouble is to contact a Republican and work with them. The Democrats have their roadblocks in critical positions of leadership.

President Joe Biden has taken significant steps to shield his son from investigations and from having his name smeared through the media mud. He helped to hide that Biden has been laundering money and involving the family name in illegal ventures. The media highly censored such a story during the election because Joe Biden’s name is also tied to the illegal deeds.

One of the plants put in a position of power is Merrick Garland. He leads the Justice Department and should have taken steps to find out the truth behind the accusations regarding Hunter Biden. But nothing has been done so far because Garland knows that as soon as the truth comes out, the entire political landscape will change.

Garland and others have avoided the matter because they do not want to be the one to expose the son of a crooked president as being involved in illegal business deals. Hunter Biden’s actions proved that the entire Biden family is as corrupt as they are evil.

The laptop remains hidden and social media and other outlets ignore the truth. The facts show that Biden and his twerp of a son used their positions of power in such a way as to make themselves insanely rich and powerful. They deliberately hid the truth from everyone because they knew that they would get to spend a prison cell together should any person decide to prosecute the Biden family.