Hell Has Frozen Over; Al Sharpton Is Fed Up With Leftist Police Reform

a katz / shutterstock.com

Ever since the left and their progressive policies began taking firm aim at the police and their funding, crime has been on a never-ending spike here in the U.S. These policies have left American businesses as well as its people very vulnerable to criminals. With horrific “ticket and release” policies, criminals are being treated like fish: catch and release.

For Reverend Al Sharpton, the final straw for him to lose his tolerance with these policies comes from an unlikely product – toothpaste. When appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” segment on Tuesday, he got on the topic of new NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and what the city needs to change. “In fairness to Eric, he’s only been mayor five weeks. But even as a fan of him: Eric, they’re locking up my toothpaste. I mean, we’re talking about basic stuff here. I’m like, what did I miss that we now have to lock up toothpaste?”

He’s right, too. NYPD released the statistics for crime in January, and the 38.5% increase over January of 2021 is one of the worst in ages. These ‘slap on the wrist’ policies are allowing criminals to go free. As a result, easily pocketed and sold items like toothpaste are being forced under lock and key in a plexiglass security box or a locked case. This isn’t the kind of system America should have, and NYC of all places is not where many people would expect such things.

While crime has always been a part of NYC or any other city and town, it is their recent policies that have only made things worse. For people like Al Sharpton, he only has himself to blame. “There are those that are concerned, including me, about overloading the system and the jails with petty crime. But at the same time, you cannot have a culture where people are just, at random, robbing and stealing.” You can be concerned about overloading the system all you want Al, but the decades of claiming racism at every turn of the page have caught up with you.

It is because of people like Al Sharpton and their cries of race having to do with why somebody was arrested, attacked, or killed you have built the idea that race and unfair justice go hand in hand. By consistently proclaiming that, he has gotten people from all over to take notice and enact horrific policies because they are under the impression that being a minority got you arrested. As such, it is what will get you a horrible sentence. That there is no blame to be placed on the individual because they are all born victims is ridiculous.

As we are seeing, these leftist policies are failing across the country. They don’t provide any improvements in social justice. They don’t deter crime. They don’t keep people safe. They quite honestly make about as much sense as a football bat. By removing them and going back to a more hard-nosed crime = punishment system we can change things around.

Additionally, we can do more to educate people about other alternatives to crime. We can help guide the people away from making poor choices in the quest for a fast dollar. People like Rev. Sharpton have been quick to give them a pass for committing crimes to keep up with their community.

His failure to speak out against gangs, violence, and drugs over the years just shifts the blame further down the line. Now, he is finally seeing the results of his racially motivated message. It should have happened years ago. Perhaps if shopkeepers had locked up toothpaste 20 years ago, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.