Governor Is So Popular That People Want To Kidnap Her and Take Her Home


Gretchen Whitmer is the unpopular governor of Michigan. Her relentless attempts to take power that was not hers have earned her a place of hatred with every person. The sad little woman thought she could keep enforcing illegal mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions without the state legislature’s support. And at one point, she thought she could defy the order of the state Supreme Court that said she was overstepping her authority.

The Democrats never learn their lesson. At one point, a conspiracy to kidnap the nasty governor was foiled, and the men were arrested. The people involved have been going to court and sentenced accordingly. But now, it seems that one of the men wants to plead guilty to the charges.

The defendants would take the matter to trial and claim that they were made to go through with their nasty plan. According to BuzzFeed, “Now Kaleb Franks, 27, has agreed to testify that he ‘was not entrapped or induced to commit any crimes,’ nor were the remaining defendants in the case, Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta, according to a copy of his plea agreement filed in federal court Monday morning.”

Frank’s admission of guilt is a significant blow to the other men waiting for their time in court. Frank is willing to work with the police because he hopes to have his sentences reduced. Many of the other people involved have more serious charges to face. But with Frank’s testimony working against them, it will be hard to prove that the FBI somehow baited them to kidnap the witchy governor.

According to BuzzFeed, “The plea is the latest in a series of setbacks for the defense, which argued that to the extent there was a kidnapping conspiracy, it was entirely contrived by the FBI and put into place by government informants. The defendants question the government’s methods and motives and claim that much of the alleged evidence of intent collected during the probe is in fact harmless — if crude and unpleasant — speech uttered by malcontents that is protected by the First Amendment.”

The strange part of the pending trial is the amount of evidence being rejected by the court. The court has banned any recorded testimony by others. But the government can bring in past criminal offenses to help bolster their claims that these men are a terror to the country and need to be put away.

The court has also barred the defense from being able to include evidence involving past FBI agents. One agent of interest is Jayson Chambers. He is accused of using a company he started to try to win lucrative contracts. The defense wanted to use that motive to pin him to the men trying to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer. They claimed that the FBI forced these men to cooperate for the sake of money.

The group that wanted to kidnap Whitmer was not well armed or organized. Those involved are not devoted enough to go down with the rest of the group since one is willing to turn his back on the rest. But the exciting part of the court banning certain information and facts from the case is concerning.

The Democrats are known to keep information from making its way to the public. They are also willing to program their people into saying things that they are told to say. The attempt to commit a kidnapping of a government official is alarming but not unexpected. Whitmer has pushed the people of Michigan to the breaking point, and they would love nothing more than to see her forced out of office.

These actions will only rise as more liberals try to turn America into a dictatorship. The western culture of America is built on freedom, and there is nothing that will be able to change that fact. People can only change what they do not like: head to the voter’s box and kick the nasty Whitmer out of office. And that seems to be the upcoming theme for many Democrats fearing their political careers in Washington.