AOC Demands Other Senator To Be Kept From Seat Because of the Way She Votes

Grossinger /

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not the person she claims to be. For a big part of her political career, her actions have been indicative of a fake trying to make claims of things she does not represent. And now that people have come to learn just how passionate she is, they would love to see her beaten out of her seat by a true American wanting to serve the people.

AOC makes bold claims and fails to back them up with action. She talks about creating a better district and, then, destroys the opportunity for thousands of people to have decent-paying jobs. At one point in her career, she stood against the building of a massive facility that would have brought thousands of jobs to her district.

The violent personality of AOC came out when a young girl thought it was funny to mimic the witch in humorous videos. But instead of rolling with the punches, AOC secretly saw to it to have her fan base threaten the little girl with harm. And when the family brought the matter to the public’s ear, AOC was silent because she was in full support of the threats the child faced.

And then, there is an incident at the southern border early on in Donald Trump’s term. AOC took a bunch of her left-wing friends to the border to stage a photoshoot so it would seem like they cared. Pictures show AOC leaning against the fence, trying to muster a few tears. She told the country she cared about migrants but only needed the photos to help her political career. Her fake concern is seen in that not once has she tried to get Joe Biden to shut down his child intern camps.

Ocasio-Cortez is a fake, and she loves to lie and make statements about false people. She is quick to attack people who do not agree with her opinions. And such is the case with how she feels about Kyrsten Sinema and the way she voted down progressive advancement opportunities.

Sinema is one of two Moderates who has been opposing Joe Biden and his progressive bills. She voted to keep the filibuster in place and disagrees with its removal. AOC cannot fathom why a Democrat would vote against the party, which has led her to oppose Sinema’s reelection campaign.

The Democrats want people who will blindly vote the way they are told. AOC stated, “I don’t believe she’s really given a compelling case as to why she should be re-nominated as the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in Arizona.”

She hates that Sinema has listened to the people and did what they wanted her to do for them in politics. AOC does not understand the concept of a government for the people. The people have the final voice in how things are to be run. But AOC thinks she is the queen bee, and the people should bow before her smelly feet.

Ocasio-Cortez may claim people have the right to vote, but this is another instance of when her statements are not backed up by action. She went on to say, “She has proven herself an obstacle to the right to vote in the United States. She is not an ally on civil rights. It is becoming a precipice and rather contributing to the threat that we have in stabilizing our democracy. She is not standing up to corporate interests, in fact, she is a profound ally to them. And I believe that, you know, she is not doing what voters in Arizona sent her to do.”

She would try and silence Sinema’s right to vote in the House because she does not vote in favor of Joe Biden or the way Nancy Pelosi tells her to vote. Sinema has proven herself to be a reliable representative of the people because she votes the people’s will and not her own.

AOC and the rest of the progressives would love to rid themselves of the Moderate crowd. Joe Manchin and Sinema have stopped the socialist takeover by refusing to support the poison-laced bills of the far left.