Liberal County Sues Business Over COVID Just To Make an Example Out of Them

Ronnie Chua /
Ronnie Chua /

The liberal Los Angeles County is making waves again on behalf of socialist control attempts by singling out a small café that has decided not to submit to the new rules over COVID-19. The county put forth nasty regulations designed to control the people and make life miserable. The small café decides that they have had enough and will not submit and has since been fined tens of thousands of dollars.

The county sued the Novo Café located in Westlake Village for its resistance to governmental overreach. The nasty liberals see this defiance as their way to make an example of the café just like the Communist regime in China does to people who speak out against the horrors of having no freedom.

Los Angeles County put out new rules and the café has ignored them by allowing people to eat indoors and outdoors. And their employees were not made to wear a mask while working around their customers. The county liberals could not fathom such defiance and decided to try and force the café to submit by suing them in court.

Massimo Forti is the owner of the café, and he has no intentions of submitting to the oppressive orders of liberals thirsty for power and control. Forti had reported to The Daily Wire that “What they’re doing is unconstitutional and illegal. This fight is about defending our freedoms.” Forti has fines that total almost $100,000 for standing up for his right to choose and live the American Dream.

The county officials maintain that the Novo Café is putting lives at risk by not obeying the silly mandates that are pointless at protecting people from a virus. The Democrats need to make an example out of Forti and his café because it will force others to rebel against their authority.

The lawsuit is not the first attempt to force the café into submission. The little café had been open for more than a year as the owner fought against the mandates and regulations. They pulled and canceled the café’s health permit, which should have been the final factor of shutting them down. But Forti kept the place open and continued to practice the same standards of service used for years before the virus.

Forti has a lot of support from his neighbors. The massive fines he has incurred from the county are still being fought as illegal. The customers keep coming and throwing their support by buying and dining at the café.

The county has tried to force people to submit to its mandates and orders but has miserably enforced illegal things. Multiple businesses have stood against them and remained open. The restaurants do not force people to mask up to chew their food. And this is one of the reasons why the county needs to force Forti into submission. So, all the others will learn from the court battle and fall in line.

The Daily Wire found that NBC4 stated, “The I-Team documented employees and customers not wearing masks indoors at restaurants across LA County–from the trendy Escuela Taqueria near The Grove to a string of eateries in the Pico-Robertson district, including the Beverly Hills Bagel Company and the Pico Café.”

Forti would tell the world that he believed in freedom, which was why he was defying the county’s orders. People have the right to choose, and no government entity should have the power to force people to do things inconsistent with the freedoms granted by being an American.

Joe Biden and his underlings in Los Angeles County believe they have the right to snatch up freedoms that allow people to choose. They need to wear down the population to the point that its will is broken by force. And the forcing of people by law to submit is just the tip of the issue. Once they fail to force submission legally, the Democrats will resort to force, which will redefine America as it is known today.