Leftist Flag Waver Ana Navarro Still Cannot Accept That Trump Legitimately Won in 2016

Christopher Penler / shutterstock.com
Christopher Penler / shutterstock.com

Of all the things the left has a hard time accepting, former President Donald Trump’s victory back in 2016 still remains the hardest pill for them to swallow. For four years, the left mounted an all-out attack on Trump, Republicans in general, and anyone who supported him. This is a flag they still carry, even though he has been out of office for nearly a year at this point.

While Hillary Clinton has been one of (if not the) loudest voice of challenge to his victory, people like Ana Navarro are also raising their voices. While Navarro claims to be a Republican on paper, she describes herself as a centralist, and a Never Trumper. Her hatred of President Trump has very little base besides her clinging on to the horrific lies of racism he was hammered with since he decided to run for office.

Along with that claim, she jumped on the Russian collusion train. Even though he has been investigated under numerous pretenses for these allegations, nothing has shown he had any collusion with the Russians. Numerous accounts show that Clinton herself had not only reason to but actually did collude with the Russians to interfere with the election on multiple fronts. This evidence, of course, has gone largely uninvestigated, as nobody seems to really want to try to go against the Clintons…especially after Epstein died (he didn’t kill himself).

Appearing on the leftist clucking-hen show “The View,” Navarro used the platform to perpetrate the accusations against Trump yet again when the topic of the Jan. 6th insurrection came up. “Look, I felt – I felt that Donald Trump had not been legitimately elected. I felt he’d [Trump’d] gotten help from the Russians, but you know what? It would have never occurred to me to take up arms against Donald Trump. That’s just not what we do in America…Our weapon of choice is voting, is democracy, it’s the ballot, and so I hope that people remember Jan. 6. You know why? You know how? By registering to vote. By making sure they know where they have to show up to vote because there are elections this year and they are so crucial.”

She’s partially correct here, too. Voting is important. People registering to vote and remembering to get out there is crucial to keeping our country going. She’s also very wrong here. The leftists have been out there taking up arms against conservatives for years. They did it after 9/11. They did it when Trump won office in the first place by not only challenging the election and with mass protests, but also by choking out nearly everything the man tried to do.

The real reason she hates the people from January 6th and people like Trump isn’t that they did something egregious. She hates them because they are the type of people she can never be. They are fearless and willing to step up to create change. They have backbones and are willing to fight for their country. This is the same reason many members of the left hate the military and our veterans as well. While they will never publicly say it (that would be career suicide) they, instead, do everything they can to choke out their pay raises, budgets, and benefits for veterans.

Navarro and the rest of these follow the leader ladies on “The View” have no independent thoughts of their own. They parrot whatever people like Hillary Clinton, AOC, and Bernie Sanders have to say. Going along with the cancel culture, the popular narrative that Trump is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery. The problem with this mindset is they fail to see just how much damage they do to themselves and their people by focusing on hating Trump instead of fixing America. If people like Navarro put half of that effort into fixing their communities, the economy wouldn’t be where it is now.