Forget the Kids! Teachers Mock As They Make Demands for Selfish Gain

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The Democrats have finally met their match with the liberal school boards that dug their feet in and would not return to in-class learning once the lockdowns were slated to come to an end. The mayor of Chicago is Lori Lightfoot. She has finally seen the fruits of her wicked labors as the Chicago Teachers Union would take her administration to the cleaners with their demands that must be met before they would even think about a return to the schoolyards again.

Lightfoot seemed optimistic when she tweeted that “After a productive day at the bargaining table, I am pleased to report, CTU [Chicago Teachers Union] will end their work stoppage. CPS put a great proposal on the table that both bargaining teams discussed in detail today. We will be able to get our children back in the classroom on Wednesday.”

The old Democrat tried to appear like she cared when she made nice, stating the kids were the big losers in the fight with the union. Both sides of the fight had proven that they did not care about the children and how they were learning. Both sides had greedy demands and were unwilling to listen to the other side to work out the differences. They are a local picture of the current Democrats sitting in Washington.

The teacher’s union used COVID-19 as the vessel to get some things they wanted. The teachers kept saying that they were scared of getting the virus from the kids, so they wanted some ridiculous methods to put in place to try and control the virus. They have failed to learn that nothing can truly stop the spread of a virus. It will find its way through the population.

Lightfoot agreed to do more testing and contact those that might have been exposed to the virus. They also had to develop ways that the schools could be shut down in case an outbreak did happen.

The fear of the virus is unfounded and has no basis in science. Millions of kids have been back to school for over a year now in other states without so much as an outbreak taking place. There is no reason to believe that Chicago will be any different.

340,000 students are being impacted by the greed and stubbornness of the Democrats and their liberal cousins. But the union yields a lot of power, and when their members decide that they do not want to work for a living, they will make it known.

Many of the teachers want masks and have paid time off in case they contract the virus. And they want the ability to exit the classroom in case of an outbreak. All it would take is for 25 percent of the teachers to be sick, and they could shut everything down.

Lightfoot also stated that “No one’s more frustrated than I am. We should have stayed at the table and worked this out. That’s why I said early on “enough is enough” and drew the line. This was not necessary to happen. Three work stoppages in three years? Of course, people are frustrated. Why wouldn’t they be?”

Many people have concluded that the current mayor is not qualified to lead the city. She is powerless against the unions and is not willing to do what is necessary to ensure that the kids can keep on learning.

Ironically, the mayor accused the union of doing precisely the same thing that her beloved Democratic Party does with the virus, and that is to politicize it. The union found a way to get what they wanted out of the liberals, and now the whiny Democrats are upset. Finally, a group did to them what they had been doing to the American people for over a year.

The Democrats do not care about kids. All they care about is themselves and what they can take before they are removed from office.


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