Fight Global Warming by Trading Steak for Edible Bugs…Eww…Yet This Is the EU’s New Advice

Koldunova Anna /
Koldunova Anna /

The liberals of the world have been trying to figure out how they’re going to save the world. We’ve got major issues – like coal factories in China, deforestation, and industrial plants. Yet, there are many who would rather ignore all of those things and focus on what we’re eating.

Apparently, eating cows is bad for the environment. It’s why there are more and more “incredible” and “impossible” meats on the market. They’re incredibly disgusting and an impossible substitute for beef, but they’re being pushed more and more by climate activists.

And now, it seems that the European Union has a plan. If we can just start learning to eat a few different types of bugs, we can stop dining on steak. That should help the climate change issue, right?

First of all, eww.

Second of all, how did we get to this point?

The European Union has approved three different types of bugs for human consumption. Now, all over Europe, people can dine on grasshoppers, yellow mealworms, and house crickets. More grocery stores will be offering these, though it’s questionable whether they’ll appear in the meat section or not. Of course, people can always choose to search in their basement or backyard for these not-so-tasty morsels, too.

Bugs have protein, but it’s not the kind of protein that any of us want to eat. At least when eating a cow, it doesn’t look like a cow by the time it makes it to our plates. With bugs, you have to eat the whole thing in order to get the full protein benefit – that means complete with wings, antennae, and everything else that bugs have to offer.

But we still have to ask why we should be eating bugs instead of mammals.

According to BBC host Sahar Zand, it was explained in 2015 with “This is a 200-gram steak. On the same land it would take to produce this amount of meat, you could actually get two kilograms of edible insects…the greenhouse gases emitted from producing 200 grams of steak is the same as if you were to produce 20 kilograms of edible insects.”

It doesn’t stop there, unfortunately. We have to look at what the animals are being fed that is being fed to us, too. There are benefits to feeding the animals bugs instead of grains. Animal farms are responsible for consuming over a third of the world’s total grain being produced – and in the U.S., it’s closer to half.

If animals were fed insects instead of grain, it could build climate resistance, or so some of the experts say.

Bloomberg has tried to make a case for eating insect protein over mammal protein, too. They say that the environmental benefits are “astounding and go on to say that the black soldier fly larvae “serve as high-quality chicken and fish feed and require 1,000 times less land per unit of protein produced compared to soy production, between 50 and 100 times less water, and zero agrochemical inputs.”

Yikes. We understand the circle of life and all, but shouldn’t we at least enjoy what we’re eating? And whatever happened to the activists claiming that we shouldn’t be eating anything with a face? Grasshoppers have faces…and with this new plan, we’d be putting their smile directly into our mouths. That’s going to be a hard pass.

Oh, and the EU safety agency has decided to share a little tidbit about this bug-crunching trend. “Allergic reactions may occur for people with pre-existing allergies to crustaceans and dust mites.”

Well, if we didn’t have to worry about people raising their hands to claim an allergy before, we will now. It may be the only way to get away from having to eat bugs.

Really, though, this is ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to eat bugs just because China won’t reduce its dependence on coal, should we?