Elon Musk Takes On California’s New Solar Tax and Tells What He Really Thinks

pantid123 / shutterstock.com
pantid123 / shutterstock.com

Elon Musk is the world’s richest man because he brilliantly invested his money in several ventures that took off in the right direction. He has since had an issue with the progressive governor of California because he is killing off the state. Musk has moved his Tesla corporation to Texas because of how Gavin Newsom keeps instituting COVID-19 mandates designed to kill businesses.

Gavin Newsom is all about the carnage. He keeps implementing things that are tearing the state apart. He blamed the residence for all of the fires and shut off their electricity so they could not cause any more fires by using their air conditioners. He handed out lucrative contracts to people without giving others a chance to bid for them. And now, he wants to set up a new solar tax.

Newsom’s new tax set forth by The California Public Utilities Commission’s bill would propel the state into the clean energy realm. He wants to see people pay $8 a kilowatt for using solar panels.

Newsom’s bold move is an eyebrow-raiser since it would fine people seeking to use clean energy. Newsom has proposed clean energy for years, but now, he wants to charge people a ton of money for the amount of energy they get from their solar panels.

Elon Musk has a big problem with the proposal because Tesla is also installing solar panels in private homes. It appears that Newsom is trying to secretly punish Musk for leaving the state for a place where his workers could report to work without having to test for the virus or be forced to stay home from lockdowns.

The Daily Wire pointed out that Musk noted, “Bowing to pressure from the California utilities, the CPUC is proposing new net metering rules (NEM 3.0) that includes a “grid access” fee of $8/kW of installed solar per month – in addition to other fees – that could add between $50-$80/month to the electric bill of a home solar customer. If adopted, this would be the highest solar fee anywhere in the country, including states hostile to renewable energy. In addition, the proposal would reduce the value of bill credits for solar energy sent to the grid by about 80 percent.”

Musk pointed out that Newsom’s proposal has failed agreements that have already been made with customers who purchased solar panel systems. The old rules that governed the installation and use of such systems are guaranteed for 20 years. These customers will lose five years of that agreement once Newsom gets his way again. And by him trying to change everything around is an unfair practice.

Musk is telling people to flood Newsom’s office with calls and tell him they disagree with what the slick-headed man is doing. Newsom cries about the environment all of the time. And yet, when people start investing in environmentally friendly energy sources, the governor steps in and changes things so that people will not want to purchase the new energy sources and help the climate. Newsom is all about the mighty dollar and what methods will give him more to spend.

Elon Musk is not a favorite of the progressive crowd. He has been under attack by them from the start of his wealth-building endeavors. He is accused of not paying his fair share of taxes, though he paid $11 billion in just one payment alone.

The only thing the progressives want to do is take as much money from people as possible. This charge is another way that Newsom can get the money he needs to fund his new budget to fund the social programs he has implemented (and he’s planning more).

The Democrats hate America and do everything they can to tear down what makes America great. One of those programs is to allow illegals to have free access to the American healthcare system. They would not have to pay their bills because Newsom forces the working class to foot the bill for them to live illegally in the country.