Elon Musk Riddled by Progressives as They Seek To Take More of His Money

Michael O'Keene / shutterstock.com
Michael O'Keene / shutterstock.com

Elon Musk is a modern-day genius who found a way to make billions of dollars. The way he diversified himself into several different companies and built them to be modern-day marvels is purely remarkable and a testimony to the American dream.

The Democrats hate the thought of Elon Musk. He is an example of the very thing they do not want to see in America. And the fact that he earns billions of dollars in one day fuels their hatred for free enterprise and innovation.

Pramila Jayapal is one member of the Democratic party obsessed with how much the man makes. She hates the idea that he only paid $11 billion in taxes last year while at the same time earning billions in a single day. But what she fails to understand is that the man will lose just as much should the market fall. But she would never confess that option to people listening to her jealously cry about not having his money. Her entire speech was a cry session about how much he paid in taxes and should be forced to share his money and pay more in taxes.

Jayapal is not alone in her rant against Elon Musk. Elizabeth Warren has also vocalized her disdain for how much Musk has. She believes that Musk should pick in the fields with everyone else. But she does not understand that there is nothing to pick if someone has not planted the crops. Elon Musk is the man that provides the work that people can have to make a living. And without his billions, the companies would not be stable.

Musk does not take the progressives attacks sitting down. His response to Warren was that he pays more taxes than any other person. And if that was not a record, he has paid more than any other person in American history. The selfish statements coming from the left are based on nothing more than greed and a desire to have his money.

Jayapal complained that “Elon Musk made $36 BILLION in one day, but wants to brag about paying an $11 billion tax bill. Oh yeah, he also added more than $270 BILLION in wealth just since the pandemic started. Time for the rich to pay their fair share.” But the truth is that they pay more than their fair share of taxes.

The driving force behind her selfish comments is based on the notion that billionaires need to be forced to fund Joe Biden’s progressive bills. Jayapal is ticked off with Joe Manchin because he will not support Biden’s nasty bill to force on the American people. She maintains that the Democrats worked hard to develop a bill that would force Biden’s progressive vision for America. Except no one wants his vision to come true.

The wretched politician refused to say anything nice to the people who pay taxes. She wants them to pay more. But for the Democratic Party, more is never enough. They would love to see the rich stripped of their wealth and their achievements laid to waste given a chance. And for them to be thrown into prison for not paying enough when nothing is left to play with.

The nasty woman continued to press that the president’s bill is vitally important. She even went on to try and tie the Omicron variant into her wasted effort to promote Biden’s plan. She alluded to the fake reality that medical professionals do not have what they need to care for people. The reality is that medical professionals have everything they need thanks to Donald Trump making it possible for them to get those supplies.

She even went on to try to claim that racism has something to do with people not wanting to support Biden’s dream. She fails to understand that Biden’s dream will destroy women’s pathways to become successful. She fails to see the truth behind what he is trying to create. And despite all the hatred Jayapal has for Musk, he has not once complained about his tax bill.