DeSantis Gives Biden His New Name As He Focuses on White House Problems

ApostolisBril /
ApostolisBril /

Ever since the beautiful, lying news reporter tried to tell the world that fans were chanting for their favorite NASCAR driver instead of yelling at Joe Biden, the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” has been a trademark of how the public feels about the president. At times, the phrase has enlisted international attention, and state governors have poked at it. But Ron DeSantis has brought the phrase home and made it personal for the president.

DeSantis has been going after the nastiness of Joe Biden and the atrocious mistakes that his administration is committing. The governor stated “All the problems you see with our country, and there’s a huge amount of problems with Brandon in the White House. I mean look, the guy is not clicking on all cylinders, he’s not had a very good year.”

The country wanted to believe the old man when he declared he wanted to unify the country. There was a smidge of hope with many conservatives. But the moment he turned his back on people and started to issue progressive executive orders, the smidge of hope disappeared, and expectations set in. And now that the president is one year into his term, many Democrats wish they had chosen someone else as their candidate.

The Floridian governor pointed out that Florida is still strong and resisting the regime in Washington. The great thing that he pointed out was that there were far more Democrats living in Florida when he took the governor’s office. And now there are far more Republicans. Biden has lost his blue base in Florida, and according to DeSantis, the blue state is now red with voters for the first time.

DeSantis has rightly pointed out that the president deserves the name “Brandon.” It fits the way people think of his regime and his disregard for the people living in America. He would rather embrace illegals and hold hands with China than stand up and protect the country that has allowed him to live free his entire life.

Ron DeSantis has shown to stand up to the oppressiveness of the Brandon regime. He has shown that America still works and that fighting is constitutional. People can still go to the courts and trust that the Constitution will be upheld. And he has rightly pointed out the more extended the president sits in power, the more people are starting to hate that they ever voted for the old man.

The Daily Wire found that Axios wrote that “In the two months since signing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law, President Biden has by almost every measure bombed big time on the things that matter most. It’s rare for a president to be at odds with Republicans, moderate Democrats and liberal Democrats — all at once. But that’s where Biden finds himself at the start of an election year that many Democrats believe will result in the loss of the House and maybe the Senate.”

The old man has lost his fight to push an illegal vaccine mandate. He is fighting inflation and supply chain issues that he allowed to roll up onto him because of his inadequate decision-making ability. He faces hatred from his so-called progressive friends.

The inflation issue alone is enough to steamroll the Democrats right out of Washington. It is a bad mark that people in America will not tolerate for long. The president allowed inflation to take off because he pushed several trillion dollar bills through without ever looking at the economic impact it would make on the country. Members of his party had to shoot down the hefty bill that would have pushed inflation into the double digits.

Biden has also cut jobs and created a labor shortage related to prosperity. He has put millions into a position where they are earning more off the liberals’ programs of the big brother government than they ever would working at a job. The labor shortage creates a headache for business owners, and Biden does not care. Ron DeSantis has applied the name “Brandon” to Biden because it fits and will stand for all time as his alternate name.