DeSantis Does What Biden Fails To Do for People in Desperate Need

Angel Soler Gollonet /
Angel Soler Gollonet /

Joe Biden and his administration have dropped yet another ball, and as usual, the American people will suffer. The COVID-19 virus continues to change its look and how it affects people. But the one thing that has not changed is the testing kits that were once available to the general public. Biden has seen to it to evaporate the supply from public accessibility so they cannot test at home. And so far, he has failed even to care that it is a problem.

Ron DeSantis knows about the failures of Biden and is doing what he can for Floridians to keep them safe. He plans to release one million testing kits that can be used at home for those who need to test for the COVID-19 virus. These test kits are to be given to people who are high risk. But this is something that Biden promised to do and failed to follow through with his promise.

Ron DeSantis pointed out that “You know, the Biden administration promised they were going to send all these at-home tests. They said all you had to do was go online and get it. And nothing has happened in a month and a half with doing that. And so, we looked at it in Florida and say, you know, the point of the matter is not every single person needs to be going out always getting tested. You have healthy people. That’s not a good strategy. But what is a good strategy is to have these at-home tests available for our vulnerable population.”

Biden needs to follow through and see that these testing kits are manufactured consistently to keep up with demand. He wants to burden people with pandemic lockdowns and mandates, but he will not provide the materials to weather the storm. Biden has again proven that he does not care what happens to the American people.

DeSantis was able to secure the testing kits, and he is going to make sure that nursing homes and other care facilities have enough of them to keep people safe and isolated from the nasty virus. Florida has a massive elderly population at risk because of their advanced age. The take-home test kits will enable people to take the test at home and avoid spreading the virus to others while they wait to purchase one at the store.

DeSantis pointed out that “And so, we’ve embraced early treatments in Florida. So if you have somebody that’s elderly that may be vulnerable to COVID they can get a quick test in-home and don’t got to wait in line. And then if they’re positive they have the ability, potentially, to get treatments. Now, we would like to have more treatments, but the federal government is being very scarce with those, and so we’re fighting for more so that Floridians get what they need.”

The president has done a terrible job of protecting Americans from the virus. His pointless mandates have failed to stop the spread of each new variant that has come out. His methods of getting people to vaccinate have failed because he has tried to force people to do it. And his failures at the southern border have opened the viral door as illegals that are infected are free to mingle with the population without ever having to mask up or get tested.

The president is content on punishing all Americans by forcing them to do things that he is not requiring for those he is busing to the country’s interior. His duplicity has been his defining moment, and now people want nothing to do with what he stands for or what he would like to do for the country.

Many within his failed Democratic Party have already jumped ship and fled for better waters. They know that the voters will unseat long-term Democrats and replace them with Republicans that are willing to intervene and give legal residents the things they need to live an everyday life through the rest of the pandemic.