Clinton is Blasted for Asking for Money…

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If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear over the years, former US Secretary of State and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly America’s most trustworthy or favorite person.

Sure, she came fairly close to winning the Oval Office against Donald Trump and, in fact, did win the popular vote. However, as her opponent has since been labeled as one of the most controversial leaders to ever walk the halls of the White House, her near win clearly has much less to do with her likeability than his.

Much like in 2020, Americans voted for her simply because she was not Trump, a man who had no political experience and clearly wasn’t afraid of taking on the oligarchy that is the Democratic establishment.

And with her loss, her relevancy and overall likeability have since declined, even more, no doubt, thanks to the constant accusations that Trump somehow cheated his way to a win in 2016. It left her, the by far more deserving choice, to cry about her defeat for no less than five years now. Hell, she even claimed that Trump got Russia involved in our election.

But I digress…

The fact remains that she is still a floundering has-been.

And if anything proves that more, it is reactions of more than a few Americans to a recent request she made for monetary donations.

As you well know, Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have long been the heads of the now rather infamous Clinton Foundation, which supposedly strives to do a whole lot of good for the country, as well as the world. According to a recent post by the foundation, their goals for the coming year are to “confront the climate crisis, improve public health, expand economic opportunity, and inspire citizen engagement & service.”

But to achieve those goals, they need a little help financially. And so, Clinton is asking for your support.

In a recent Twitter post, Hillary wrote, “If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the @ClintonFdn.”

As you can imagine, not everyone was so eager to hand over their hard-earned dollars – especially to a foundation whose “life-changing” work once promised significant finances and resources to help those affected by earthquakes in Haiti and then reneged on it back in 2010. If you remember, this was when Clinton was the Secretary of State, and her husband Bill was the United Nation’s special envoy to Haiti. And yet, they still couldn’t get the job done.

Of course, you might also have a problem with the fact that, over the years, the Clinton Foundation and its leaders have been at the heart of a great many scandals, political coverups, and rather distasteful allegations. Remember Benghazi, Epstein, or, of course, Lewinski?

Still, others don’t really see the point of handing decades-long millionaires money they’ve earned the hard way and had to scrape together.

As one Twitter user pointed out, Hillary alone has a net worth of some $120 million. And according to Forbes, between 2001, when Bill left the White House, and 2016 when Hillary experienced humiliating defeat, the power couple made some $240 million.

Surely, they don’t need all of that to pay their monthly bills, right?

Then again, Hillary has never been very good at understanding reality. She still believes that America loves her and wants her to lead. Perhaps that’s why she’s been more vocal in recent months as Biden’s health continues to diminish. It’s been suggested that she suddenly sees herself as his rightful replacement, seeing as he shouldn’t be able to run in 2024, and Kamala is pretty much out at this point.

But I have to say, it doesn’t exactly look like her odds will be all that great, considering she was just thoroughly whipped for merely suggesting that we should donate funds to her organization. Can you imagine the backlash she’ll receive should she actually come out and announce another presidential run?

Ok, in all honestly, it will be probably be more laughter than actual backlash, but the point is the same. Even with Biden’s failing health and increasingly corrupt administration, no one in their right mind is going to say that Hillary will be the answer. And I mean, no one.