Christian University Lists Off 9 Genders for Students to Choose From…and It’s Just as Confusing as It Sounds

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In an effort to appear more “woke,” many universities are faced to deal with the LGBTQ+ community, no matter how confusing it might be. However, you would expect that, at the very least, that a university (you know, higher learning) could at least pretend to appear knowledgeable about the subject.

One Christian university, DePaul University, is giving students a chance to choose from nine different gender labels.

There’s just one problem. Half of it doesn’t even make sense.

The choices include the standard male and female as well as transgender male and transgender female. For those who don’t feel as though they want to be classified as any gender, they can also choose nonbinary.

Now, this is where things get really confusing. There’s also the category of “intersex,” which isn’t even an identity. It’s more of a physical condition where a person is born with traits of more than one gender. In the event that this happens, a person would still identify with one of the genders we’ve already discussed.

A university trying to be woke should know this.

Ahh, but the madness continues.

There’s also “cisgender” listed as an option. This is a new term that has been popping up more and more. It’s typically how someone in the transgender community will refer to someone who is biologically male and identifies as male or who is biologically female and identifies as female. Again, DePaul University should know this. A quick Google search would have told them that there’s no need to list “cisgender” as an option since they already have male and female on the list.

We really wish that the confusion ended here. At this point, you could easily say that they have covered all of the possible “gender” solutions. After all, you should be able to identify as one of these and, if you can’t, there are bigger issues going on.

There are two more checkboxes. One is “unspecified,” and the other is “I do not wish to self-identify.” Wait, what? How are those two even different?

Typically, you offer one checkbox or the other. And, most people choose that they don’t wish to self-identify if they don’t see an option that fits them.

Well, at some point, you have to choose a gender. It used to be as simple as looking at your anatomy but, hey, times they are a changing. If you’re not male or female, transgender female, transgender male, or nonbinary, what are you?

It’s a challenge, but apparently, DePaul doesn’t want to get into the semantics with anyone. And they obviously don’t want to get into trouble by not offering enough checkboxes. However, in their effort to show that they are woke, all they’ve proven is that they are ignorant to the gender assignment options that are available in today’s world.

DePaul is a private Catholic college, so it’s a little shocking that they’re bothering to be this woke. Realistically, though, with over 20,000 attendees, they have to show that they are aware of what’s going on in the world. More and more states are adding to the education of gender identity – and some states are educating students as early as fifth grade about such things as pansexuality and demigenderism.

We’d love to thank DePaul for making their university so inclusive, but they should really limit the number of “gender” options so that it least makes some semblance of sense.