CDC Ready To Change Things Again As They Hint About Mask Being Ineffective

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Maridav /

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is simply another liberal-run agency willing to change the rules so they favor the Democratic Party. Every other month, it seems that the CDC issues new guidance for people to follow. And to make it worse, the other liberal organizations add to the rules for the sole purpose of confusing every person affected by the new rules.

The latest thing they want to change is the masking rules related to the Omicron variant. Once again, the CDC is looking at the numbers instead of the facts before deciding. Reuters quoted an article from the Washington Post that read, “The agency will likely advise people opt for the highly protective N95 or KN95 masks worn by healthcare personnel, if they can do so consistently, the newspaper reported, citing an official close to the deliberations.”

The article’s point was for people to be ready for a new round of nonsense related to the COVID-19 virus political event. And what is being discovered is that the CDC is deliberating whether or not the KN95 and the N95 mask as safe enough for people to wear all day long.

The liberal organization put out that the United States has the highest outbreak of the Omicron variant than any other country. And yet, with the high numbers, the CDC is missing the one report that shows that the Omicron variant is a much watered-down version of the Delta version. The new strain is 83 percent less dangerous than the previous strain.

As a liberal-run organization that promotes the Democratic Party and its socialist ideals, they will try and ignore the reports. They will try to help the Democrats push the pandemic as far as possible.

The Daily Wire reported that the study read that “Nevertheless, Omicron appears to demonstrate lower disease severity for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. While severity is likely to be reduced, the absolute number of hospitalizations and impact on the healthcare system is likely to be significant due to the large number of Omicron infections.”

The study made some remarkable statements but then failed in its scope by flaunting the idea that the numbers would overwhelm the hospital system.

The silly Democrats keep promoting the idea that things will get worse before they never get better. The fear that they keep pushing on people is having an adverse effect on everyone to the point that people have stopped listening to the reports. No one trusts Dr. Anthony Fauci any longer, and the people have lost faith in the president because he cannot even tell what day of the week it is.

And now, the CDC is trying to think of a way to force people to buy a different style of mask and wear it all day long based on speculative data and wishful thinking. Somewhere along the path, the liberals had conveniently forgotten that before the COVID-19 virus existed, other versions of the coronavirus powered the common cold.

People get sick during the winter months, which will be the usual way of things moving forward. Those numbers will drop off as the cold months come to an end. And with all the promotion of the Omicron variant being friendly and all, it seems that the CDC has lost track of the flu virus that kills more people in a season than any other virus.

The CDC has also found that the Delta variant is all but gone, and the Omicron is the bully on the street. And just as fast as the Delta has been pushed aside, some new variant will pop up and make its way around the globe just like every cold virus does this time of the year. The liberal CDC needs a reason to cause a panic so they can change the masking rules that have stopped protecting from the same virus that came on the scene just a year ago.