Bidens Domestic Brute Squad Being Formed To Fight Domestic Terrorists

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Joe Biden is trying again to set his illustrious brute squad to keep an eye on any person or group he would deem a domestic terrorist. The president has already tried to get the FBI to monitor parents standing up for their kids. The parents were viewed as hostile forces and would be treated as enemies if they were to speak up against the school system and what the kids were being taught.

When that nasty idea failed to materialize, Biden had to go back to the drawing board and find a new way to implement his brute squad idea. His liberal-controlled justice department stated that they are setting up a new unit to combat domestic terrorism. At first thought, this idea may sound great, but what the president thinks of as domestic terrorism is nothing more than anyone who disagrees with liberal ideology.

Matthew Olsen is the Assistant Attorney General for National Security. During his little speech, he linked conservatives rallying in peace with those who kill innocent people in churches and the streets. And he had revealed at the mock trial of the Capital riot issues that “The threat posed by domestic terrorism is on the rise. The number of FBI investigations over the past two years since March 2020 has more than doubled.”

The liberals are constantly looking for ways to brand Republicans and conservatives as terrorists, so they can send them off to the concentration camps to be processed and extinguished, much like Hitler did to the Jews decades ago. If there is no opposition to stand in his way, he can achieve anything he wants in Biden’s mind.

The sad part about his speech is that he failed to identify the groups posing the highest threat. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have proven to be anti-American groups willing to murder to get what they want. But they will never go after those groups because they are made up of liberal supporters.

Olsen tried to make the point that the attacks have been growing. They have been growing in recent years because his groups of liberal terrorists are the ones making the mess of things. But he wants to brand those people with an ax to grind and personal beliefs that they want to push on people. In other words, any person who does not agree with the liberal agenda will find themselves on the new terrorist most wanted list.

Outlandish Olsen stated that “In addition, I have decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, helping to ensure that these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the Department of Justice and across the country.”

Any accusations from the new task force that violates the right to assemble will be met with stern opposition in court. This new group of attorneys will be the ones handing out charges to people for speaking their minds. And given Biden’s track record, his attacks on freedoms are going to fail again.

Olsen was careful to announce that Biden’s new brute squad will not target religious-based people. But that still is open for interpretation because all Biden needs to do is make an order that brands a particular group of people as violent, then his thug force can move in.

The nasty liberals have already tried to shut down religious organizations in multiple states around the country. They hid their actual reasons behind the pandemic. But now that things are known, it’s easy to see how they operate.

President Joe Biden thinks that he can sneak his brute squad into position. But Chuck Grassley is the Judiciary Committee ranking member, and he told Olsen that they were going to be keeping an eye on their new group. Olsen was pressed to admit that the group’s new role is an advisory group that would help enforce the existing monitoring of such groups.