Biden Throws Israel Under Bus and Reverses Trump Support

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Joe Biden and his mafia friends have gone out of their way to no longer extend support for Israel and its endeavor to build a natural-gas pipeline from Israel to Europe. The nasty liberals have gone out of their way to strip away support from all America’s allies. Israel has been a friend to America for a long time, but the progressives want to destroy that relationship and support the terrorists that attack Israel.

The Republican Party supports the development of the EastMed natural-gas pipeline. Donald Trump supported the idea. Joe Biden cannot support anything that the previous president supported because of his hatred for the man.

The pipeline would transport 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year. It would double the current supply being transported to the region. But with Biden’s hatred for the nation of Israel, it is doubtful that they will receive support from the United States as long as a Democrat sits in the White House.

The Daily Wire found and reported that Biden and his regime gave notice that “The American side expressed to the Greek side reservations as to the rationale of the EastMed pipeline, [and] raised issues of its economic viability and environmental [issues] … The Greek side highlighted that this project has been declared a ‘special project’ by the European Union, and any decision on its viability will logically have an economic impact.”

The United States does not say what Israel does with its neighbors. The nation’s agreement with the European Union is between them and no one else. The European Union would be the recipients of the natural gas piped in from the Mediterranean region.

The route planning is currently underway, and those involved have already invested millions in the project. But for Biden to speak up and denounce the project is just his way of meddling in the affairs of other nations.

Biden’s problem stemmed from his relationship with the extreme progressives who would instead support terrorists than a nation that lets its people live free. Israel needs the support of its western allies. They sit in a region surrounded by nations that would love to eradicate them from the face of the planet.

Israel has been working to become a significant energy exporter. Their goal is to provide energy to people who need it. And for Biden to stand in the way of the project is no better than China telling the United States that they cannot help allies around their borders.

Biden also stated via the American Embassy in Greece that he does “remain committed to physically interconnecting East Med energy to Europe. We are shifting our focus to electricity interconnectors that can support both gas and renewable energy sources.”

Biden hates fossil fuel resources. His insanity has led him to believe that pipelines will destroy the world. And that insanity does not stop with Biden. Amos Hochstein has alluded that it is America that is going to build the pipeline. But America has nothing to do with the construction of the pipeline.

Biden is trying to set up the east nations as the primary energy players. Biden has stopped pipelines in America and those in allied countries. But he has supported the building of pipelines for nations that have long been enemies of the United States. The Russian-backed pipeline is one example of such support.

Major gas producers have tightened up on the amount of gas supplied to people. Israel seeks to combat that control by providing natural gas freely without any secret agenda of control or hostile intentions. Israel is seeking to connect with the Egyptian natural gas lines within the next two years, which will set them up to begin adding to the natural gas supply to Europe.

Joe Biden and his regime hate freedom and want to subject the western nations to the powers of the east. The president has no intentions of helping America or its allies grow and be competitive in the world markets.