Biden Family is Paid More Than the Salary of 580 Americans by CCP Affiliates


There has been talk for years now about the Biden family being corrupt. But somehow, that hasn’t tainted his popularity, at least with the media or his own political party.

But as discoveries keep being made about the family’s wealth and history, even the most loyal supporters might soon be swayed into seeing Biden as nothing more than a filthy politician.

The latest comes to us from senior Breitbart News contributor and president of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer. Schweizer recently authored a book about the corruption of the American elite by China. According to reviews, the book tells of “alarming findings” revealing the “secret deal wealthy Americans have cut to help China build its military, technological, and economic might.”

And according to the book and its author, the Biden family ranks among some of the wealthiest and most Chinese-corrupted in the nation.

In a recent segment on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty, and Levin,” Schweizer goes into just a bit of what he and his research team found. To say it’s “alarming” is pretty much the understatement of the year.

Schweizer explained that the Chinese Communist Party has used and been very successful with a “subterranean” effort known as “elite capture” for years now. Basically, it is the idea of providing certain things, wealth, or benefits to powerful politicians to help make them rich. As a result, these politicians quite naturally become “more friendly toward China.”

And the evidence suggests that Joe Biden is such a targeted politician of the Chinese.

Schweizer told Fox host Mark Levin that the Biden family has received some $31 million in recent years after making deals with Chinese individuals who just happened to be linked to “the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.”

Just to put that into perspective for you, the average annual salary of an American worker in 2020 was $53,383.18. Biden’s $31 million is 580 times that, meaning it would take at least 580 Americans’ wages for a whole year to equal what the Chinese have paid Biden.

So what are these ‘secret deals’ anyway?

Well, as you well know, most of the discussion about how the Biden family is tied to the Chinese began with now-President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. While his father was vice president for Barack Obama, Hunter was alleged to have made a number of shady deals with the Chinese and profited big time from them, despite seeming to do no actual work.

These were alluded to in several emails found on Hunters’ abandoned laptop.

In one instance, Hunter refers to a man named Che Feng. Hunter calls him the “Super Chairman” and suggests that he can make anyone rich. In one email, Hunter wrote, “I don’t believe in the lottery anymore, but I believe in the Super Chairman.”

As Schweizer explains, Feng is really just a “sketchy Chinese businessman.” But one with very lucrative ties. “His business partner was the vice minister at the Ministry for State Security (MSS). Apparently, his title charged him with tasks such as recruiting foreign nationals for espionage and heading up a department known as “No.8.”

According to Reuters, No.8 is one of 17 divisions of the MSS and “is charged with counter-espionage surveillance of foreigners, chiefly diplomats, businessmen, and reporters.”

Basically, you don’t get much higher up in the intelligence industry than that.

And Che Feng helped to secure Hunter Biden with a deal including $20 million. Later, once Joe Biden was established as president, Hunter was sent another $5 million, this time facilitated by a man known as Mr. Zhao.

Zhao also has rather serious ties to the MSS. In fact, his business partner is the daughter of the former head of MSS – you know, the guy charged with the entire Chinese spy apparatus.

So here you have a member of the first family receiving some $31 million from Chinese nationals who have major ties to the intelligence community and the Chinese communist party for little to no work… And yet we are supposed to buy that Biden and his family are patriots, putting us first?

I don’t think so. Not even a little bit…