Beto O’Rourke Demands Biden Stay Away From Him

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

Beto O’Rourke is a twice-losing politician. After one of the closes races in U.S. Senate history, he lost to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) back in 2018. For 2020, Beto decided to try and run for President, but he was out early into campaigning. While his campaign generated great interest and support from the start, much like a racehorse, he died off as the race continued.

With the 2022 midterm elections looming, Beto is trying to ensure nothing but himself or his people can trip him up this time as he looks at a turn as governor. While speaking at a news conference he announced, “I’m not interested in any national politician — anyone outside of Texas — coming into this state to help decide the outcome of this. I think we all want to make sure that we’re working with, listening to, and voting with one another here in Texas.”

While the role of governor is a big seat to fill in a state like Texas, Beto thinks he is up to the challenge. Given how strongly he was able to get the urban parts of Texas to back him against Ted Cruz to be a U.S. Senator, unfortunately for Beto, Texas has a massive rural area, and Cruz just plays better there. They don’t exactly dance to the sounds of his light-on-his-feet shoes. Beto will have a better shot without Biden or any other non-Texan backing him.

This is probably one of the smartest moves by a Democrat in years. Texas has been feeling an inundation of people relocating from California and New York City deep in their state. While many of these people are relocating to urban areas like Dallas or San Antonio, there are plenty who look to embrace the rural history and beauty Texas has to offer.

With native Texans still greatly outnumbering the transplants, Beto can keep the voting base happy by keeping the non-Texans away from the election. People don’t want to hear from a politician whose demographic is in NY or IL trying to tell them why he is great. The people of Texas want to hear from other Texans about the problems only a Texan will understand.

People have said for years that Texas is like its own country, and that statement still holds true. While it was, at one point in time, a separate country, those days were long ago – just not too long to a Texan. By keeping that sense of pride that so many states long ago abandoned, Texas retains some of its individuality.

Given the recent events within Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House, Beto knows how poisonous that situation is. “No one in Washington, DC, right now can help us with the challenges that we have… This one is on all of us.” This message on the surface sounds almost like a cry for help or to be saved. It’s actually a call to arms.

A call to Texans to stand up and retain their independence and remember that, in this case, it truly is us against them. The Texas people must protect their own. Nobody knows how to keep Texas safe and well taken care of like another Texan, and to a point, he’s right.

Beto forgets why his numbers fell off during the presidential election. It wasn’t Biden or anyone from Washington. It’s his own horrific policies and ideas. Most of the things that come out of his mouth for ways to change or repair things are directly out of the progressive’s handbook. There is nothing in there that is truly Texas ideal. That change in tone and ideas is what cost him the last two elections, and especially the presidential election. While dangerous, at least nobody voting for him can say he wasn’t authentic from the start.