Warning: AOC Will Be Taking Up Space at a Bookstore Near You

Ron Adar / Shutterstock.com
Ron Adar / Shutterstock.com

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a media whore. There’s no use sugar-coating it because it’s a cold, hard truth. Why else would the liberal Representative from New York show up at the Met Gala wearing a ball gown with “Tax the Rich” painted across it?

The loud-mouthed liberal has been known to open her mouth before thinking things through. She also has a very unique perspective that leaves many people wondering if she’s capable of rational thought at all.

After all, this is the same politician who once said that we needed to get rid of cows because their farts were destroying the planet. Then, a few days later, went on to mention that she is just a simple girl who likes to eat a cheeseburger every now and again. Did someone have to pull her aside to tell her where burgers come from?

Now, AOC has decided that it’s not enough to be a contributing member of Capitol Hill. It’s not enough to be on social media and with an Instagram following of over 8 million. She wanted to make sure that she’s on bookshelves across America.

The former bartender is releasing a biography with a title that will leave you scratching your head. Didn’t someone with at least a few brain cells proof the title? Apparently not. “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC.”

Oh, she takes up space alright.

One of the phrases used to describe the Representative within the book, which is quite flattering and not at all accurate, is “Influential political and cultural icon.” Wow. So, this book isn’t to be taken seriously…

The book, which is being released by Simon & Schuster, comes out on February 1, 2022. The publishing company describes the book in a way that sounds like they’re describing someone else…not the one who constantly has verbal diarrhea when she begins spewing “facts” at members of the GOP.

While Simon & Schuster did cover the facts, like how AOC was sworn into Congress at 29 and is the youngest woman to serve, they also say she is one of the “most prominent politicians” and that she is “making headlines consistently when she utilizes each platform to communicate her opinions, ideas, and progressive policies.”

Notice how they cannot lie and say that she’s communicating facts or statistics? They’re also quick to note that it’s not just any policies…they’re progressive policies. And, based on the way many Americans have been voting recently, she may be on the fringe. Americans are running away from the progressive policies because they see how damaging it is.

The moment that the title of the book was announced, people began having fun with it across social media. Many, of course, are laughing at how the media whore has named her book aptly about taking up space…since that’s what she likes to do in the headlines whenever she can.

Various essays and stories are shared within the book. The teasers include an essay on her “rare authenticity” by Molly Fischer as well as “the role that her beauty plays in her public perception” by Rhonda Garelick.

Unfortunately, the book isn’t some kind of April Fool’s Day joke, though it should be. It should definitely be enough to inflate her ego if that’s even possible.

But, hey, it’s on sale in two months if you’re in need of a few good laughs.