San Francisco Mayor Wants Police Back NOW; Cancels Leave and Police Holidays

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Ever since the left started celebrating the riots that followed peaceful protests, the level of crime inside this country has skyrocketed. From things like simple assault to robbery to murder, people have been going more fiercely at one another in 2021. Part of this is, in part, due to the lawlessness of the streets. Police departments cannot stay staffed with the ‘defund the police’ measures being pushed for in most Democratically run cities.

San Francisco has been one of the more vocal cities about this idea, and with Democratic Mayor London Breed at the helm, it’s no surprise that the violence and robberies have been increasing under her watch. Looking at how she and the rest of the city council deal with their rampant homeless and drug addict problem. The fact that they are a part of the massive rise in the well-coordinated ‘smash and grab’ robberies of late is just the status quo for the party.

Now Breed is sick of it. She wants change to happen, and she’s doing it in the second most cowardly of ways. She’s not calling on the residents of her city to stop acting like fools. She’s not asking for people to look out for one another. She’s also not blaming shop owners like they are in Chicago. Nope. Instead, she wants to cancel the well-earned leave and holidays for the police in San Francisco.

While speaking with MSNBC, she explained she had no choice in the matter. Given the situation, this was the logical choice. “And our response has been, you know, a larger police presence…And since a major incident occurred at a number of stores in the downtown area, we had no other choice but to cancel all vacations and all time off for our police department.”

This is despicable. You cancel their funding. Then, you put forth restrictions based upon someone getting a jab or not. You leave no room for bodily autonomy, and THEN you cancel their leave and holiday time off? That’s the wrong answer, Mayor Breed.

Given the rapid rise in these crimes, there is little to no doubt that they will continue to occur. Her idea of just needing downtown police is absurd. There are tons of shops within San Francisco that are not in the downtown area that just became targets of opportunity. This idea of just shifting the problem is what gets many cities in trouble in the first place. They move the homeless out of downtown so the news cameras stop seeing them. They get the junkies under the ghetto overpasses so the guy in a Mercedes doesn’t have to see them begging for change.

Mayor Breed needs to tackle this head-on. She needs to address her residents. She needs to address those who are looking to visit San Francisco. She needs to make a statement that their crime will not stand. The police should be making examples of these smash and grab bandits. Same with the district attorney. They need to stop just allowing for the criminals to look for weaker spots or move it further away from the public’s eyes.

Considering prior reports of SF residents hiring private security to guard them and their homes, the insistence of law enforcement staying on for the holidays is probably welcome news. However, this is time off that these officers plan for. They budget their schedules and make plans for this time. Will she be refunding travel costs for those who planned on going out of town? Or will their union delegates have to fight for it?