Michelle Obama Tag Teams With Celebrity Moms for Vaccination Campaign

EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics / shutterstock.com
EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics / shutterstock.com

When the Obama’s left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we all thought we were free of them. No more of their perverted politics in our face, or Michelle Obama trying to convince people that school lunches were what was making kids fat. No more push for the progressive politics the left wants to poison us with.

And we were largely free of them. A sound bite here and there, but largely quiet. Almost too quiet for a family with kids entering college, too. Yet as the Biden team is losing the war on inflation, and people are getting fed up with his COVID rhetoric, here comes Michelle Obama bursting out of the shadows with the moms of celebrities like Alicia Keys, Jonah Hill, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine.

These moms have a goal to get people to get the jab, and the booster, too. The narrator threatens they will bribe you, guilt trip you, and text way too much. The idea here is that these ladies want what’s ‘best’ for their kids and America. Never mind the fact that each of these women is the parent of grown adults, and most of them admit they were hesitant to get the vaccine at first.

Wonder if a call from Michelle Obama and the promise of a TV spot made them change their minds? Their poisonous rhetoric is disturbing. The American people should be smarter than to fall for these ladies peddling their ‘advice’ like it’s a good thing. For those of us who remember this is akin to being told to take your cod liver oil or mercurochrome for wounds. Poor advice surrounded with a motherly voice.

As a nation do we need the former first lady parading around in her horrible wardrobe choices with other moms to convince us to take a vaccine at this point? If you haven’t taken it by now, odds are you won’t choose to take it in the future. This is not only a waste of a marketing campaign but also these ladies’ time as well as the time of anyone who sees these ads.

The Second City improv comedy group is the party responsible for setting the stage for how this went, and they should have passed this one over. This is something that just didn’t hit the mark and never should hit it either. This is a dangerous idea to have former first ladies out peddling medical advice.

When you use someone like Michelle Obama to get your point across, you are playing a dangerous game. She has already been proven to be a lying, manipulative, whiny, narcissistic, and hateful woman. She is under the belief that it is only her way that is the right way, and she will stop at nothing to make that point abundantly clear. As the Obama years showed us, she was not a trustworthy person, and she needed to stay away once they left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

However, her appearance earlier this year on CBS This Morning may have set the tone for this appearance in the first place. While on the show she made her views on the necessity of the vaccine very clear. “You want to hang out with us? Get your vaccine. Get all of it. Finish it up. And then we can talk,” While her words aren’t horrific, they certainly set the tone for people to try to follow her example since so many think she is nearly the second coming of Christ (how is beyond me).