Maxine Waters Maskless on a United Flight…Anonymous Source Sees the Hypocrisy 

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Mehdi Photos /

The Daily Wire was given a photo from an anonymous tipster that seemed to show Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters on a United flight and not wearing a mask. The flight was going from Dulles Airport to Los Angeles International.

There is continual pressure from Washington to wear masks and there is an FAA mask mandate in place that requires all passengers to mask up due to COVID-19 protocol.

What made this scene even worse was that the flight attendants were pressuring other passengers for not wearing their masks. They kept the pressure up for the people even in between bites of their food. But the attendants only asked Congresswoman Walters to pull up her mask once. The anonymous tipster did not miss the hypocrisy.

The source for the picture told The Daily Wire that Waters had her mask off for at least an hour while she read a paper and took a nap. While the mask was off, flight attendants brought her fresh coffee and did not say a word. At least three flight attendants witnessed Maxine with her mask off and never intervened.

The source did not receive the same treatment from United Airlines. She had a nose bleed early in the flight, so the source said that she simply put her mask below her nose to get some cooler air. Within just a few minutes, the flight attendant directed her to put her mask back over her nose immediately.

She then pointed in the direction of Waters and indicated that the congresswoman was not wearing a mask, challenging the flight attendant. The flight attendant looked at Waters and then turned to the woman saying, “Okay, but you need to put your mask on the right way.”

The source followed the order after the flight attendant told Maxine to put her mask on. The source said, “Maxine had been napping. She did put the mask on after the attendant interrupted her sleep and told her to do so. I think she was startled by the rude awakening.”

The source suspected at that time that Waters had a role in her boyfriend’s seat getting bumped. She took a photo of the congresswoman before she put her mask back on.

The irony of this story is that Congresswoman Waters has been one the most vocal voices advocating that people wear masks in a public setting.

Back in April of 2020, Maxine tweeted, “Take a chance. Remind an unmasked person to put on a mask & if they become angry, smile and say ‘6ft away’ & keep going.”

In May of 2020, she went even further saying that not wearing a mask in public was a threat to public safety. She took a shot at then-President Donald Trump saying he was a bad role model for being seen in public without a face-covering.

Waters wrote, “Trump is a dangerous example for children and those who tend to follow him. Not wearing a mask and not social distancing is dangerous. Do not follow his example. Protect yourself. Coronavirus kills! Maybe this ignoramus doesn’t care, but you should care about yourself!”

And then in June of 2020, Waters doubled down with a message about Trump still refusing to wear a mask. She called his leadership “Failed,” and said that his followers who don’t wear masks or social distance are responsible for the growing infections, death, and surge in COVID-19 cases.

The source on the plane was aware of all those statements and focused on the hypocrisy for her “rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me” attitude. She also made it clear that she was not satisfied with United’s service. The source called what she experienced “injustice,” and that she was considered to be unimportant compared to the congresswomen. Her boyfriend was dismissed when he tried to address not getting the seat he paid for so they could sit together. And she was spoken to rudely when her mask was down below her nose. All the while, a famous politician was able to go an hour without a mask, breaking the FAA rule.

President Joe Biden has continued the federal mask mandates for public transportation into March of 2022.

Congresswoman Water’s office did not respond to a request for comment. That’s funny because Maxine is usually not at a loss for words.