Harvard Fights Racism With ‘No Whites Allowed’ Album

cdrin / shutterstock.com
cdrin / shutterstock.com

Much like Metallica’s classic Fight Fire with Fire song, Harvard is looking to fight racism with racism. According to a group at the University, this last year or so has been incredibly hard if you’re black. Or even just ‘not white.’ However, they have the solution to all your problems. They know how to make it better and to get you back on track.

By laying down a track in a ‘no whites allowed’ environment. Harvard’s Culture Lab Innovation Fund is designed to produce diversity and inclusion among students at Harvard, and it is run by Ph.D. candidate Grant Jones. Truthfully, it just provides relief for people who are not white. This lab has received dozens of grants and funding to accomplish this, and they intend to use every dime to promote their mission.

In a promotional video, Jones and other members lay their goals out “I want to tell you about an effort I’m making with some friends and mentors of mine to use music and mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety within the black Harvard community… [W]e’ve had to disproportionately and incessantly mourn countless more — all while in quarantine and away from our traditional sources of support… Let’s be honest — the past year’s been excruciating for the black community.”

It’s a very direct and non-inclusive message. Apparently, the last year was easy as pie if you weren’t black. They want to get people to see just how hard they’ve had it and how much they can achieve if they work together. “It means centering our art, our ancestral wisdom, and our voices. What is truly special about Healing Attempt is that it has no limits. It can be used to support black people across America and around the world. We’re creating a model of healing that can be adapted to support the mental health of so many diverse communities the world over. So support the celebration of blackness — this effort in music and mindfulness. And we’ll show you how powerful Black Harvard is when we’re invited to be fully present.”

Diversity is a beautiful thing, but this isn’t diverse at all. This is just racism yet again from the left and their ‘woke’ counterparts. They want to see people divided and at each other’s throats, and the best way to do this is by getting the back people to get together on projects and inject small seeds of division. Talking about how proud they are to do this with no white support (although I can guarantee at least some of the funding for this is from white donors), and no white musicians.

From the sounds of it (no pun intended), it seems like they are of the belief that if whites aren’t involved in the music, it will somehow drop the stress of black lives globally. It would seem that if a white person played the chimes or was even sitting at the soundboard, the ‘healing’ would be decreased and the whole project is for naught.

It’s interesting how the times have changed. We have gone from discrimination to segregation, to pushing for equality, to self-segregation all inside of a century. It’s astonishing when you think of it. Even the civil war ended just over 150 years ago. Does this country REALLY want to go to the inverse of that time? If the left gets their way, it sure seems like that’s the goal.