Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family Requested That She Be Treated Better As the Trial of the Century Get’s Underway…Will She Start Naming Names?

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Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand gal, Ghislaine Maxwell, is back in the news. Maxwell has been under lock and key for her role in recruiting underage girls as play toys for her former boss and his posse of lecherous old tycoons. Maxwell’s family just sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland asking that she be treated better “in the interest of justice and common humanity.” She should have special privileges that she and Epstein’s young victims were not afforded. 

Maxwell’s family is demanding that Ghislaine not be shackled on her waist, arms, and feet when being shuffled from her holding cell to the courtroom during the ongoing trial that began on November 29. Though this is common practice for obvious reasons, she should be exempt since the restraints have caused bruising, small cuts on her skin, and “unnecessary trauma.” 

They’ve also asked that Maxwell receive a fresh bar of soap every day since using the same bar twice is taboo in their affluent circle. She is also to receive a daily food package of this and that to munch on at her leisure. The family claims Ghislaine has only been receiving “minimal sustenance” and has no access to hand sanitizer. Poor thing.

The letter read, “Ghislaine’s physical welfare and her right to have proper and timely access to her counsel during the trial have been entirely overlooked. On behalf of their sister, her brothers and sisters urge Attorney Garland to intervene immediately today to grant the simple, fair, and just remedies requested.”

The family is making an unheard-of amount of demands considering how their beloved family member personally turned girls as young as 14 into sex objects and, then, lied under oath about having any knowledge of Epstein’s crimes or about knowing any of the old pedophile coots who got in on the underage flesh action.

This isn’t the first time during her last 17 months of incarceration that Ghislaine’s family has requested that she receive the royal treatment. Because Judge Alison J. Nathan, who is presiding over the case, has rejected several previous requests, the family bypassed the lower court this time around and went straight to Garland.

The letter also claims that the conditions under which Maxwell is being kept have prevented her from preparing a concrete defense. It said her physical and emotional health continues to deteriorate at a rapid pace. Nathan rejected all of the previous requests to ease up on Maxwell’s treatment over concerns of her being a flight risk, saying she’s exactly where she needs to be.

The letter further requested that Garland get his hands dirty “in the interest of justice and common humanity to change the shocking daily regime which Ghislaine is subject to during her trial.” The letter made no mention of the shocking daily regime of forcing pre-pubescent girls to give handjobs and far worse to the world’s wealthiest perverts whose names have yet to be revealed. So there’s that…

Ghislaine Maxwell is undeserving of special treatment. Her crimes were heinous. If anything, she’s being treated too nicely. Ask any parent who has ever raised an underage daughter about how they would react had their child been one of Maxwell’s victims.

Our eyes are focused on whether or not Maxwell will break during the trial and start spouting out some names in a futile attempt to save herself. We don’t know about you, but we’re chomping at the bit. Prince Andrew is old news. We need some new names. 

One thing we can all be assured of is that as the trial progresses, buckets of sweat are pouring out of the armpits of more than one wrinkled-up public figure who basked in the innocence of young children. Those same children are now emotionally damaged for life, thanks to them, Jeffrey Epstein, and the spawn of Satan herself, Ghislaine Maxwell. We say, no mercy. How about you?