D.C. Election Auditor Says Over 10 Percent of Ballots Were “Undeliverable” in 2020

Benjamin Clapp / Shutterstock.com
Benjamin Clapp / Shutterstock.com

We all know certain areas are far more liberal than others. California, for example, and New York, almost always lean the left, and their voting records, as well as current leadership, prove that.

However, there is one place that tops them all when it comes to liberalism. Unsurprisingly, it is the infamous District of Columbia, otherwise known as Washington D.C.

While the residents of D.C. can only really vote every four years in a presidential election, ten times out of ten, the area’s three electoral votes go to Democrats.

Take the landside presidential election of 1972, in which incumbent President Richard Nixon inevitably won, for example. Even though Nixon was by far the more popular, amassing 570 electoral votes in the election, D.C. still chose to go Democratic. A whopping 78.1 percent of D.C. residents decided to give their electoral votes to South Dakota’s George McGovern.

In 1984, a similar election result occurred with the massively charismatic and ever-popular Ronald Reagan running against the vastly unknown Walter Mondale. Naturally, Reagan won the White House, but not before Washington D.C. gave 85.4 percent of its votes to the Democratic Mondale.

Basically, a monkey claiming to be a Democrat would win over any Republican in the district in any given year – which is essentially what the idea of mass mail-in ballots for election has become.

Regardless of the fact that multiple states, counties, and regions reported massive problems with mail-in ballots during the 2020 election, the liberal district of D.C. is bound and determined to continue the tradition started by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to WTOP, “The Elections Modernization Amendment Act of 2021, sponsored by Ward 6 council member Charles Allen and co-sponsored by six other members, would make permanent many voting changes implemented during the pandemic.”

Naturally, that includes mailing out a pre-stamped and tracked mail-in ballot to each and every registered voter in the city.

As Allen said, the pandemic and introduction of mail-in ballots for everyone made voting easier.  It is his hope that voting is kept that easy by ensuring that mail-in votes continue to be mailed out en masse.

“D.C. held a safe, secure, and accessible election by making it easier to vote and safe to vote from home. These are common sense and popular changes we need to make a permanent part of our election moving forward.”

There’s just one problem with this statement, however. The election of 2020 was not made safer or more secure by the introduction of more widespread mail-in ballots.

In fact, according to a report released just days after this proposal, the Office of the D.C. Auditor has found that over ten percent of all mail-in ballots sent out in 2020 were returned as undeliverable. Per the audit, out of 420,000, some odd votes, 48,018 were marked as “undeliverable” upon receipt. So that’s actually more than 11 percent.

It might not sound like a whole lot, but to put that into perspective, the national average of “undeliverable” ballots was about 1.4 percent, according to the audit – a whopping eight times less than that of D.C.’s.

The audit continues, explaining that the high rate of undeliverability is believed to be due to a voter registration that has not been kept up properly.

“This lower percent of undeliverable ballots evidences the necessity of ensuring registration and address information is up to date to reduce the chances of a ballot being returned undeliverable.”

Of course, a spokesman for the D.C. Board of Elections, Nick Jacobs, says that a next to impossible task, as “D.C. is one of the most transitory cities in the world.” Still, he and the office don’t believe that’s a bad thing for elections.

In fact, when asked whether or not he believes if that many undeliverable ballots could pose a risk of voter fraud, Jacobs said no, insisting that all “our elections have been conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner. There’s never been a question about integrity.”

Well, of course. But that’s only because nearly everyone there votes liberally. They got what they wanted, so why complain about how it was achieved?

However, had the 2020 election given the area’s three electoral votes to Trump, I bet this conversation would be altogether different. Don’t you agree?