Biden’s Doctor Doesn’t Even Mention Mental Acuity in His Physical

John M Poltrack /
John M Poltrack /

Well, it’s finally happened. Biden has officially undergone his first physical as President of the United States, something Republicans and concerned citizens have been demanding for months now.

As you well know, Joe Biden is the oldest sitting president in history. That alone draws into question his ‘fitness’ for office. In addition, much attention has been given to his health, as he happens to follow Donald Trump, who was accused of being mentally unfit due to a number of not so eloquent and possibly hurtful tweets made by his account.

However, all of that pales in comparison to the fact that Biden seems to be slipping further and further away from reality the longer he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As just about any recent appearance by him can attest to, public or otherwise concocted, he often forgets where he is, why he’s there, where things like his face mask are, or even who his wife is. In addition, he has grown rather testy, lashing out for no apparent reason at voters and reporters alike. He’s even cussed a few out just because they asked him a question.

And don’t even get me started on his slurred speech and incoherent sentences…

Needless to say, a physical has been much overdue.

There’s just one small problem: the doctor administering the tests didn’t even examine his mental capabilities.

As explained in a memo from Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, D.O., to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Biden was tested on a great many things. And for some of those areas, O’Connor reached out to several different specialists from Walter Reed National Military Center, including dentists, optometrists, ENT specialists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, and cardiologists.

The conclusion is that Biden is fit and able to do his duties as our commander in chief.

How, you might ask?

Well, as O’Connor’s memo said, there were only two somewhat concerning issues Biden seems to have. One is that he has a prolonged cough.

O’Connor admitted that we might have all noticed Biden coughing or clearing his throat more often as of late. But it’s nothing to be concerned about. According to the doctor, Biden has “exhibited such symptoms for as long as I have known him.” But because Biden is in the public eye more frequently as POTUS, it has become more noticeable.

O’Connor consulted with several specialists and ran a number of tests concluding that the increase in “coughing” is likely due to increased stress from the job, which can affect gastrointestinal issues such as reflux, which Biden has already been diagnosed with. His prescription: for Biden to continue taking acid blockers.

The other issue is that Biden’s “ambulatory gait,” or the way he walks, has become “perceptibly stiffer and less than fluid than it was a year or so ago.”

Again, O’Connor consulted with a number of specialists on the issue and ran a few tests. What was determined is that Biden now has slight spinal arthritis and “limp and compensation” as a result of fracturing his foot last year. Continued physical therapy and exercise have been recommended.

But what of his noticeable cognitive decline?

Well, as I said, that wasn’t even tested.

You might have noticed I mentioned a few consultations with neurologists, and that is correct. However, in the report, it was noted that these specialists were only contacted in regards to any possible nerve damage Biden might have as a result of his fractured foot and how it could affect his gait.

As Dr. Sanjay Gupta pointed out to the Daily Wire, the only neurological exam mentioned was “more in terms of testing motor strength and sensation and things like that.” From all reports, it seems as though nothing was given to “measure mental acuity,” as Trump was made to take.

For Gupta, he says he can’t even “find the words to describe how astounding this is.”

And no, it’s not because the doctor believes Biden to actually have mental decline. Instead, he says it’s simply a matter of his age.

He explains that for most in the “geriatric community,” early-onset dementia screenings, such as the Montreal cognitive assessment Trump was given, usually begin around age 65. Biden is now 78 and sitting in the most powerful seat in the nation. Just one of those facts should be enough to require such a test.

And yet, his doctor failed to administer one. Perhaps this should be even more concerning than Biden’s apparent lapses in memory and judgment…