Biden Running in 2024 is the Laugh We All Need

lev radin /
lev radin /

The White House has recently confirmed that Joe Biden has officially decided that he will run for re-election in 2024. And, once you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing, we’ll continue.

Most people assumed that when Biden ran in 2020, he would be a one-and-done president. In fact, in many interviews, he hinted at such things. It may be why so many Democrats decided to vote for him. He wasn’t the candidate they wanted, but he wasn’t Trump, so how bad could he be? They figured they’d just replace him in four years.

Now, it’s not uncommon for a president to run for a second term. It’s generally assumed that they will.

With Joe Biden, however, things are a bit different. He’ll be just shy of his 82nd birthday, which makes him considerably older than any other president. He already made history by being the oldest president when he was inaugurated at the age of 78. At this point, he should simply retire and enjoy his golden years with his family.

We also have to look at the mental decline. This isn’t really “picking” on the president. It’s a simple fact that people experience mental decline with age. And, considering that he’s already shown a significant amount of decline from the time he served as VP in the Obama administration, it’s only going to get worse over the next three years of his first term.

We can’t possibly forget his approval rating, either. As his rating was plummeting, he made the decision to run again. Did he think that the low number was a good thing? That if he got down to 1, he’d win? There’s really no other way to explain why you would choose to run for a second term when people are already saying that they don’t approve of the job you’re doing.

Since the White House has confirmed that he’ll be running, it’s not a matter of if but when he shows up on the ticket, how people will respond. If we’re to look at his approval rating and correlate it with votes, there’s no way he’ll be on the ballot for long. People won’t want another four years of the crap he served up in his first term.

Really, he’s only been in for a year and we’re already looking at ways to get him out. 25th amendment, impeachment…it doesn’t matter as long as he stops destroying the country with his abominable executive orders.

Let’s also not forget that CNN, a typically left-leaning news outlet, has sold him down the river. Rather than simply support him for the 2024 primaries, they issued a list of 11 other candidates who would be suited as a Democratic candidate. That’s basically their way of trying to trade Joe Biden in for a younger model – and really, it’s not hard to be a younger (and more mentally stable) candidate since Biden is falling apart before our very eyes.

If you’re not done laughing yet, we have one more thing to add. Of the 11 candidates, Kamala Harris is on there. She’s the only person with a lower approval rating than Biden himself.

The Democrats are making it easy for the GOP to make a comeback over the next few years. There’s hope for getting the country back on track after all.