Another Democrat Set To Call It Quits As Republicans Gear Up To Take Control

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

The Democrats are like rats fleeing a sinking ship as the 2022 midterm elections get closer. The lousy liberals are leaving office one after another because they know that their time is finished in 2022. They want to leave with what little dignity they have left. They have failed the people and turned their backs on the country. And the people want to have nothing to do with the socialism they want to install in American politics.

The high prices and lack of supplies on the shelves are just the start of the horrors that Biden wants to create. But the people know what is coming, and they are voting the clowns out of their seats with pride. And now that reality is setting in for many liberals, another one has finally decided to call it quits before he is voted out in disgrace. After over 30 years of sitting in his House chair, Alan Lowenthal is leaving the scene.

The 80-year-old man is heading to retirement now that he has ruined America. He wants to leave the field before disgracing his final legacy. He wants to tell his grandkids that he was a successful politician who retired before the voters could kick him out of office.

Lowenthal is the twentieth Democrat to leave the House. He and the others are making Nancy Pelosi very wary and concerned about her future in 2022. She knows that she will no longer have the support of her generation. And she is afraid that the toddlers of the progressive party will be able to bully her into performing for their amusement just like they have to Joe Biden.

The great thing about Lowenthal’s departure is that it is a sign that a red wave is coming. The National Republican Congressional Committee stated that Democrats have a full-blown retirement crisis on their hand because voters are rejecting their agenda of higher prices, higher crime, and open borders.”

The high prices everywhere and the criminals marching around neighborhoods are enough to cause anyone to kick their politicians out of office. People do not like paying double the price for a loaf of bread or high gas prices. And they certainly do not like getting mugged while pumping that high-priced gas at the station. But the liberals seem to love that way of living.

In the past November elections, the Republicans cleared out the trash in several blue areas. The long-time blue states have now turned red and will continue to do so until the Democrats realize that the people do not want what they have to offer. At some point, the evil will be replaced by people who care about the country the way the Founding Fathers did when the country was firstborn.

RedState found out that The Hill reported liberals gravitating to the Republican camp by the droves. They are voting for people that stand for American values and are willing to uphold the Constitution.

The pandemic may have been a terrible event, but it, indeed, revealed the true deceptive and cruel heart of the liberal left. The red wave has already swept through several states and gave a clear message of what will happen around the country. The Democrats have dug themselves into such a deep hole that they will die trying to climb their way out. And if any of them do find their way out, they will have a lot of explaining to do as to why they want to destroy America.

Joe Biden may think that he is safe in the White House. But when the Republicans take control of the House, he will lose his chance to pass bills that made no sense. He will become a lame-duck president that will be as good a paperweight for the rest of his term. He will have time to find the perfect nursing home to settle down in once he is finally removed from the Oval Office.