Tennessee Has an “Abortion Waiting Period” and Judges Rule It Stands

Shala W. Graham
Shala W. Graham

The liberals don’t really see anything wrong with aborting unborn children. Don’t want to be pregnant anymore? No problem, just step right up and let us kill that child.

Really, that’s all it takes in most states. There’s no need to think about it, explore other options, or even have a conversation with a medical doctor who has reviewed your medical history.

Tennessee has enacted an abortion waiting period. Essentially, they’ll still let people go through with an abortion. But, at the very least, they want people to have to think about it. After all, this is a big decision…and anyone who thinks that killing a child growing inside of you isn’t worth at least thinking about it shouldn’t be having sex in the first place.

Of course, the moment that Tennessee announced that they would have a 48-hour waiting period, liberals lost their minds. Who could the state do that? If someone wants an abortion, the state shouldn’t stand in the way!

Whoa, now. Actually, the state is being reasonable. They’re not denying abortions like some conservative states and they’re not allowing them to happen at a moment’s glance like some of the more progressive states. They’re trying to take a moderate approach – and it’s actually a breath of fresh air.

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery has said that the waiting period is going to stay and that “all legal challengers are exhausted.” Essentially, deal with it.

Anyone who had opposed the ruling and wanted the U.S. Supreme Court to further review it is too late. The opportunity has expired, which means that the ruling will stand the way that it is. Anyone who wants to get an abortion in the state will have to make their wants known. Then, they’ll have to wait 48 hours for the abortion to actually take place. It gives them a chance to think about it and change their minds if they wish to do so.

Opponents of the waiting period were unable to provide instances in which a woman was significantly burdened by having to wait 48 hours.

A lower federal court tried to knock down the law, which was created in 2015, because it was seen as an inconvenience. Two trips are required: one for mandatory counseling and one for the abortion.

State attorneys argued that the law should stand. Asking a person to get counseling and waiting 48 hours before killing a child isn’t too much to ask. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the attorney since the opponents couldn’t prove enough.

Slatery was pleased with the outcome, explaining in a press release that “This law was on the books for five years before the district court enjoined it. The Sixth Circuit took the unusual step of having the full court review the district court decision and that of its own panel. We are grateful that the Court recognized the validity of a law passed by the people’s representatives and did not substitute its own judgment for the policy decision made by the legislature and the Governor.”

Tennessee isn’t the only state with a waiting period, either. Some states have a waiting period of 24 hours while others have 48 hours. The problem is that liberals don’t want to have to wait. They think that it’s okay to commit murder without having to think twice.

Abortion should be an inconvenience considering that a fetus is going to lose its right to grow into a functioning human being in the process.

At least Tennessee showed that it wouldn’t be pushed to the left on this issue.