Small Town Declares Itself a “Constitutional Republic”

J.J. Gouin /
J.J. Gouin /

As you well know, the state of California and its tyrannical governor, Gavin Newsom, have implemented some rather stringent and overreaching mandates and regulations in the last couple of years. And after the announcement that those mandates will continue until at least March of 2022, a full two years after it was initially put in place, there are more than a few California residents who are growing tired of being told how to live their lives.

In fact, one small town has grown so exhausted by trying to keep up with the unrelenting mandates that they have recently declared themselves a “constitutional republic” and, as such, said they will no longer be enforcing anything deemed as overreaching.

According to the East Bay Times, Oroville, California, says that from here on out, they will not be following “any executive orders issued by the state of California or by the United States federal government that are overreaching or clearly violate our constitutionally protected rights.”

The measure passed in a November 2 city council meeting with a six to one vote. It was put forward by councilman Dave Pittman, who pointed out that both local governments and individual citizens have been endowed with certain rights according to our national constitution. And at the moment, both state and national leaders seem to have forgotten about those, choosing their desire for more power about democracy.

In the year and a half since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and measures supposedly taken to ensure our safety, the people of America have had to endure some rather ridiculous rules and regulations. And in California, where liberal control is seemingly everywhere, it’s been even worse.

Here, not only are the people inundated with mask and vaccine mandates, as well as the ever-changing rules of OSHA, but state guidelines have also made it nearly impossible to live their lives as they see fit, from when they can go to work to what their children learn in school.

And Pittman and the rest of the town are done with being ordered around.

He said, “Mandates eliminate personal right of choice – to get vaccinated or not, to vaccinate your kids or not – and violate basic constitutional choice we all have.”

Of course, there are more than a few who don’t agree with the town’s decision.

One resident said she thinks it’s rather “ridiculous” to declare that laws won’t be followed or applied in the town just because they don’t like them.

And to be sure, that would be quite ridiculous, not to mention completely illegal. As Lisa Pruitt, an expert on rural law at the University of California, Davis, says, “a municipality cannot unilaterally declare itself not subject to the laws of the state of California. Whatever they mean by a constitutional republic, you can’t say hocus pocus and make it happen.”

However, as Pittman and others, such as Oroville’s vice mayor Scott Thomson, want to clarify, they are not promoting anarchy or breaking any laws. Hell, they aren’t even saying that they won’t follow or enforce certain laws.

Instead, they are just refusing to abide by the mandates and executive orders being thrown about like beads at Mardi Gras. And as we all know, mandates and executive orders aren’t the same as laws, are they?

Sure, they can be enforced, and they can even be punishable with the right law enforcement, jury, and judge. However, they aren’t the same legally binding force that actual laws are. And most regarding COVID fall into nothing but an extension of ‘emergency powers’ for state leaders like Newsom – which is once again, not a set of ‘laws.’

The people of Oroville aren’t saying they will let laws be broken and become a sanctuary for criminality. They just want to be rid of unreasonable governmental overreach. And that shouldn’t be too much to ask – especially not in a country founded for and by the people.

As one worker from the California Department of Health Care Services told The New York Times, “Nobody should mandate somebody else to inject poison into their body… There’s just not enough research on this vaccine.”

Neither should children be forced to wear masks at school for a disease they will likely never get nor die from.

Oroville, California, is just making sure their personal choices are protected.