Rep. Buddy Carter Sees the Spending Bill As ‘Throwing Gas On’ Inflation Fire

Marko Aliaksandr/
Marko Aliaksandr/

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) spoke with Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show on Tuesday, where he openly trashed the Biden Spending Bill, and he’s 100% correct. When asked directly about the spending bill, Carter said the bill would “throw gas on the fire and make it even worse, now it’s going to be hyperinflation.”

This hyperinflation will ultimately make those already struggling to make ends meet lose their ability to tread these perilous financial waters. The idea of fixing our economy properly is so foreign to the Democrats it might as well be in Sanskrit. If they want to throw money away, fixing our infrastructure would be the first step. Not spending money on special interest programs, and other unrelated causes would be a great first step in the right direction.

As Carter went on, he explained the situation in more detail. “Inflation is nothing more than a tax. And who does it impact the most? It impacts the working class, the seniors on fixed incomes. That’s who hurts the worst because of inflation. Everything is going up now; we look at the price of gas; you go to the gas pump, now, all of a sudden you’re paying $20, $30, $40 more when you fill your gas tanks up, the single mom trying to make ends meet, who has to drive to work every day, she’s sees her money just being eat up through inflation.”

Employers aren’t able to suddenly pay more to make up the difference in this inflation. Those funds are going to cover their own inflation, and that cost is being passed along to the consumer who now has less to work with. This problem is circular, and not looking to end any time soon. At least not until those in Washington have had enough and are ready to make big changes.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told CNN on Sunday that she expects this trend to continue through 2022 but pushed off any blame that the U.S. Government is losing the battle with inflation. “’I don’t think we’re about to lose control of inflation…Americans haven’t seen inflation like we have experienced recently in a long time. But as we get back to normal, expect that to end.” The problem with this is ‘back to normal’ is hard to define.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has gone so far as to blame the ripple effects of COVID in other countries as being the prime cause for the inflation and seems to think that these problems will continue no matter what America does. It’s almost as if he forgot that part of his job is ensuring goods and services move smoothly into American ports, and onward to consumers.

Unfortunately for him, that is, in fact, his damn job; and he is God-awful at it. Rep. Carter and every Republican see this. Two Democratic Senators see this. Why can’t the rest of the Government? Until he does his job, America will continue to experience inflation at a record pace, and the people will continue to struggle, thus, making dependency on Government programs ultimately more the norm. Considering the problems with taxes, the IRS wanting to look in your bank accounts for ‘tax fraud’, wasteful spending, and a lack of careers (despite businesses ‘desperately hiring’) we are heading away from democracy.

Perhaps that is the Democratic party’s long-term plan: to turn us into a communist state. Make us so dependent on the government that we lose any ability to regulate ourselves. It would put them in control. While many could consider that to be a crazy notion, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. That in and of itself is incredibly scary. Is that something we are going to let happen, or are we going to force them to do their jobs and keep America running properly?