Most Vaxxed State is Having a COVID Surge?

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If you are anything like me and think the COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t be mandated, either because they are vastly ineffective or could be harmful, I’m about to give you another feather for your cap. And it comes to us from the northeastern state of Vermont.

Here, almost 72 percent of all state residents have been vaccinated, with most of those unvaccinated being under the age of 12. And yet, according to state data released on November 9, the small state has the 12th highest COVID infection in the nation.

Per the data, the last seven-day period ending November 7 showed a whopping spike in cases of some 42 percent. And for the overlapping 14-day period just before, the data says it rose about 55 percent.

As Vermont’s commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation, Mike Pieciak, told ABC News on Friday, “We just haven’t (previously) seen an increase in terms of that raw number of cases during the pandemic.”

And that has, apparently, left officials nationwide rather confused.

Despite the rising case numbers and deaths in states like New York, California, and now Vermont, the political left is still determined to claim that this one-size-fits-all mandate on vaccines will fix everything. And now that numbers are showing differently, they don’t really know what to do.

Naturally, their first reaction was to blame the unvaccinated in the state, which, as I said before, is mostly children, which science tells us rarely get, let alone spread, the virus. But the data just doesn’t support this narrative. According to ABC, there’s been a 31 percent increase in breakthrough cases – cases in which a vaccinated individual is diagnosed with COVID-19 – in the time period in question.

This means it is the vaccinated who are both getting and spreading the disease now.

The next course of action by so-called experts, such as Dr. Mark Levine, who is Vermont’s health commissioner, is to blame the recent surge on low immunity levels both for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. According to Levine, Vermont’s rise in cases numbers is because,

when the pandemic first hit, the state did really well to protect itself against it – at least in the short term. They are a “victim of our success,” as Levine says.

And on that note, he is correct.

Like California, New York, and several other liberal-led states, Vermont participated in lockdowns, face mask mandates, and now vaccine mandates. As a result, Vermont has had one of the lowest infection rates in the nation, per the CDC. But that also means that they have one of the lowest natural immunity levels.

And there’s only one way to achieve natural immunity: getting the disease and recovering from it, which some 99 percent of us do.

Originally, when the virus became known to us and its subsequent vaccines introduced, those same so-called experts who said the vaccine would protect us claimed that the immunity gained by getting double jabbed would be far stronger and longer lasting than anything achieved naturally.

However, in the months since, we’ve learned quite differently.

In fact, in 30 separate peer-reviewed scientific studies so far, natural immunity has proven to be by far the better option.

As Dr. Marty Makaray, a professor and surgeon at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told The Daily Wire last month, “The data on natural immunity are now overwhelming. It turns out the hypothesis that our public health leaders had that vaccinated immunity is better and stronger than natural immunity was wrong. They got it backward.”

He added that studies are popping up all over, including one from Israel, showing natural immunity could be as much as 27 times better than that achieved via a vaccine.

And in states like Florida and Texas, where vaccine mandates, mask requirements, and lockdowns are near non-existent, prove that to be true. Sure, they had some rather large case numbers early on due to “doing everything wrong,” as the left would say. But now, they are better off for it, with massive percentages of the population having natural immunity that could last for their entire lifetime.

Meanwhile, leftist-led states like Vermont and New York have only rising case numbers and deaths…