Kamala Harris Lies to the Country as She Gets Her COVID Booster

Isaac Hoops / Shutterstock.com
Isaac Hoops / Shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris isn’t a great Vice President. Some question if she’s even a great human being. In terms of politicians, she leaves a lot to be desired.

Considering she’s not the most prominent VP we’ve ever had, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of her mouth…especially when she starts to cackle with her awkwardness.

However, we have to pay attention to what just happened. She got her COVID booster shot. This alone is a red flag because she’s only 57-years-old. According to the CDC, the only people who should be getting booster shots are those who are over the age of 65 as well as those who have underlying health conditions. She doesn’t meet either criterion.

That’s not even the real issue. Instead, as she sat there to get her shot, she lied to every American who was watching.”

“And as we have said from the beginning, the vaccines are free, they are safe and they will save your life.”

Three lies in under five seconds. That’s impressive, even for a Democrat.

Let’s break down the lies, shall we?

First, the vaccines are not free. Pfizer is charging nearly $20 a piece for them. The vaccines aren’t costing us anything out of our pockets when we go to get them, but we are most certainly paying for them in one way or another. 

Second, the vaccines are not safe. While they are safe for most people, try telling that to the people who have adverse effects or who have even died due to complications from the vaccine. There are risks, and Harris wants to glaze over those as if they don’t matter. Many of the people who are saying they don’t want the shot know someone who has had issues. It hits home, and, therefore, they are not as safe as so many of the Dems want to claim.

Finally, there’s the biggest of the lies. “They will save your life.” Nope. That’s a big maybe. If you get COVID and you have been vaccinated, you may not get the symptoms as bad. However, there have still been people who have died as a result of a breakthrough case. 

Shouldn’t the Vice President know not to make false claims? This is like marketing 101. False claims can get you into a significant amount of trouble.

How many people will get vaccinated based on what Kamala Harris said? Then, how many people will hold her personally responsible if they find out that the vaccine wasn’t safe or that it will save your life?

Each and every person who loses someone as a result of a COVID breakthrough case could come back and sue Kamala Harris. Why? Well, the Vice President told me that it would save my life.

Kamala Harris has a law degree, so she should really know better than this. However, she doesn’t care. She thinks that because she’s the VP of the free world, she can say whatever she wants without any repercussions.

It’s really hard to listen to this administration when they’re continuously caught in so many lies. 

This is hardly the transparency that Biden promised. What we’d really like is for Kamala Harris to explain why she’s getting a booster even though the CDC wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t work in the White House. Then, she can start tossing out the statistics of people who have had adverse reactions and who may still die from COVID despite being vaccinated. The truth would be nice for a change, but that’s asking too much from a progressive.