Ilhan Omar Punched in the Head by Lesson Learned From Removing Law Enforcement in Major Cities

Paris Malone /
Paris Malone /

Ilhan Omar has an enormous mouth, behind Alexandria Occasion-Cortez, in all of Washington. She can sit on the sidelines and pass judgment on people being falsely accused of things while at the same time engaging in the very crimes she tries to pin on everyone else.

Her latest attempt to get her state to defund the police was a massive blunder on her part. She had to fall back into the shadows to lick her wounds like a dog because she found out that her idea was a terrible one. Her big mouth railed against law enforcement at every level. And as she supported liberal attempts to strip away funding from the police, she found out the hard way that she was played by the criminals just seeking ways to engage in criminal actions without having to face the police.

The media has tried to present the adulterer as a person worth listening to. But every time she opens her mouth, her tongue flaps in the wind, and statements of farcicality flow out of her head. And there is not a person alive that can trust a word she says about anything.

Omar’s idea of defunding the police has left the city of Minneapolis in a position of chaos. The crime rates have flown through the roof because the liberal city leaders with support from Omar tried to throw out the police force. Those still serving have left in droves, and there is not enough to handle all the illegals that Biden keeps moving into the city. And any officers who remain are content to look on instead of stopping fights and crime because they do not want to be attacked for doing their job.

The irrationality of Omar is now seen in the fact that she wants to complain about all the crimes showing up in her beloved city. She cannot put the two issues together and realize that defunding the police departments has led to crime. In her terrorist-loving mind, there has to be another reason.

Her stupidity is seen in what she says to people that still listen to her whining. She said that all the crimes could be blamed on the police officers left in the city, and she blames them for not doing their job and intervening in criminal behaviors. But it was her plan that led to the fear that cops now serve under in the state.

And the ignorant part of her thinking is that as she says, “When you have a system that refuses to work for the people it’s supposed to serve, you have to go back to the drawing board. At some point, you’ve got to walk away.” Or just maybe, the police need to be supported and defended better than what they were before Ilhan Omar opened her doggish mouth.

She wants to make the police risk their lives and, then, stand accountable for any actions or harm that may happen due to another thug committing violent actions. There is not a person alive who would be willing to work under those conditions.

The little witch thinks that she can tell the police what to do and how to do it. She has no clue as to what the police do for their communities. Her insane idea takes a horrible situation and turns it into a living disaster for police officers still working in the city.

Her new idea calls for the police to be given a new image. She still thinks they are the bad guys, and the murderers are the victims of police hate crimes. Her hypocrisy and idiocrasy have no limits.

In Omar’s world, social workers will be the ones that arrive on the scene and talk a murderer out of killing their hostages. She thinks that they are going to be the ones to intervene in public shootings by magically appearing and dodging those bullets while at the same time convincing the shooter to give up their weapons. But then again, she also thinks that the world somehow revolves around her.