Gun Shots are Soothing? St Louis Mayor Ignores the Problems


Often, liberal leaders are in denial. It’s easier for them to live with the epic mistakes they continue to make. However, it seems that the St. Louis mayor is living in greater denial than many.

Mayor Tishaura O. Jones admitted on Twitter that “I don’t flinch when gunshots ring out; my son and I often fall asleep to a lullaby of gunshots.”

Well, that’s disturbing…

She can’t possibly think that such an admission is going to keep everyone from complaining about gun violence. It’s most certainly not going to help tourism to The Gateway to the West.

During a joint press conference that was held with the mayor of Kansas City on Friday, there were gunshots heard. Neither mayor seemed phased by hearing the noise – and this points to a greater concern within the liberal leadership taking place in Missouri.

One, why are there gunshots being heard with such frequency?

Two, why don’t the leaders seem to be concerned?

There are a few reasons, but let’s look at the reason for the two-day meeting that took place for the two mayors. It was focused on gun violence prevention and community violence. Apparently, they need it. After all, the city couldn’t even manage to silence the gunshots long enough to hold a quick press conference.

According to a press release from Mayor Jones’ office, “Regional collaboration helps us listen and learn from each other.”

Quinton Lucas, the mayor of Kansas City, is also a Democrat. So, basically, when the two collaborate, they’re only sharing liberal ideas with one another. It’s as if they’re trying to figure out just how poorly they can run their cities. Perhaps if they wanted to actually learn a few things, they would ask for collaboration from a Republican-run city. Then, they could see how funding the police and treating law enforcement with respect can lead to lower crime stats.

It seems that both liberal leaders are in denial over what’s going on. The homicide rate in St. Louis is 30% higher in 2020 than in any year over the past five decades. John Hayden, the city’s police chief, is willing to offer a reason as to why. He explains that officer morale was “being drained” from the spike.

Calls for defunding haven’t helped. And, often, liberal cities want to paint the police officers as the bad guys. It’s a thankless job being a police officer when the Democrats want to make the murderers look as though they’re the victims.

Yet, Jones doesn’t seem to be too interested in fixing the crime. And why would she? It’s admittedly one of the best ways for her to lull her child to sleep. Who cares if the sound of her child’s lullaby also means that innocent people are being shot and killed in the city she swore to protect?

And, the mayor of Kansas City doesn’t seem to be doing much better. Each and every day, there are new reports of shootings, crime sprees, and more.

But, by all means, the two mayors should absolutely collaborate. That way, they can share stories of homicides. They can figure out how to destroy the cities even further.

Perhaps soon, we can expect mayor Jones to offer a webinar as to how citizens can find the sounds of gunshots soothing rather than disconcerting.