Gavin Newsom Handed Pink Slip After Losing to Pro-Life Group

Rena Schild /
Rena Schild /

Gavin Newsom thinks he has been indestructible ever since he won the recall election. His insanity regarding COVID lockdowns and not following his own rules was the catalyst that made millions of people sign their names to the form demanding his expulsion from office. But ever since the recall day ended, he has felt that he can issue one insane order after another and think no one can stop him.

California may indeed be a failed socialist state, but it is still part of America, and the same laws govern it like everyone else. People can turn to the courts to stop injustices when one leader thinks that he can manipulate and order people around like a king.

Gavin Newsom thinks of himself as a monarch who his subjects must obey. But when a pro-life group took the slick-haired man to court to sue him for stopping their attempts to offer help to women facing the choice of abortion. Their goal at engaging women entering the abortion clinic was to provide them with alternatives rather than killing their babies.

But Newsom hates pro-life people and thought it would be a good idea to sign a law that keeps them from being anywhere near an abortion clinic’s entrance. He signed a bill that kept them from helping pregnant women traversing through a parking lot that they owned.

Newsom tried to tell people that owned property what they could do about it. But that was until the Eastern District Court of California stepped in and ruled that Newsom’s law appears to discriminate against the pro-life group called Right to Life of Central California.

Newsom had that ‘smack up the side of the head’ moment when he found out that he had failed again. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) helps organizations fight for what is right, and part of the mission is to fight for all life. And they decided to take up the case.

ADF noted that “Right to Life of Central California is challenging a state law that unconstitutionally restricts speech based on viewpoint by creating 100-foot censorship zones outside of any facility that provides any type of vaccine. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed SB 742 into law, immediately banning certain free-speech activities when a speaker is within 30 feet of another person and that other person is ‘in a public way or on a sidewalk area’ and ‘within 100 feet of the entrance or exit of a vaccination site and is seeking to enter or exit a vaccination site.’”

The law strangles the pro-life group’s ability to help women doubting abortion is the only way. They could not even stand in their parking lot and talk to the ladies passing before them into the clinic. The pro-life group is located right next to the very center murdering babies by the dozens every day.

ADF also pointed out that “Right to Life shares free resources, provides support services, and offers informational leaflets while standing on the public sidewalks in front of its Outreach Center and between the Outreach Center and Planned Parenthood’s property.” And for Newsom to intervene and tell the pro-life group what they cannot do on their property violates their rights as Americans.

The bill was about limiting free speech, which the Democrats love to try and do. Newsom identifies as a Democrat even though he is a socialist at heart.

Denise Harle is the ADF Senior Counsel, and she is giving the court high-fives since it ruled on behalf of freedom. She stated that “We applaud the court’s decision to protect the First Amendment rights of every Californian, regardless of their viewpoint, and halt enforcement of this unconstitutional state law.” This is one occasion where a court rules without political motives. The court stated that Gavin Newsom is discriminatory against these people speaking their views when he lets other people talk away on other issues.

The Democratic Party is nothing more than a party full of hypocrites and socialists. Every time they can try and shut down conservatives, they are going to make their move. But, there will be those heroes that will stand up to them and keep America free.