Effects of Liberal Poison Hitting Home at an Early Age for Many Families

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Syda Productions/shutterstock.com

The Democrats have their claws on young people around the nation. Their liberal teachers hate it when parents catch on to the poison they are forcing into the minds of young people. And these kids are harassed and even threatened by these so-called teachers if they so much as squeal to their parents about the lies they are being fed. But one little girl would defy the odds and rat her teacher out to her mother, who would take the fight to them.

The Loudoun County Public School Board has been accused of letting teachers degrade and harass students because of the color of their skin. One mother stated that her daughter was told in the classroom that “she was born evil because she was a white person.” The little girl asked her mother to find out the truth.

The teacher attacked the little white girl and made her feel like a criminal because of the liberal poison being taught in schools today. The mother has since pulled her kids out of the system and put them into private school. But not all parents can do that for their kids. The mother noted that “My children now are in private school and are thriving. We had specifically moved into LCPS district because of its great reputation, yet we’ve been chased out of LCPS due to the swift and uncompromising political agenda of Superintendents Williams, Ziegler, and the school board that have forced upon us. First, it was in early Spring of 2020 when my six-year-old somberly came to me and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school.”

The dangerous doctrine almost destroyed a little girl before she ever got started in life. The racist attack on young people today is staggering. Parents have to educate their children through private or home schools to give them a reliable education and teach them to think for themselves, which is detrimental to liberal teachings.

The mother called for the leaders to resign because of the terrorist attacks being done on the kids. The liberals are cancer that is tearing society apart, and as long as there is a socialist-bought president in office, it will worsen.

The mother was not the only speaker to reveal the terror kids are being put through in liberal public schools. Another speaker called attention to the sexual attack of a male towards a female. She went on to show the hypocrisy by stating, “I couldn’t but help notice the rules for this meeting; which state there will be no public access to bathrooms or other facilities inside the LCPS administrative offices. I guess you wanted to make absolutely certain that your restrooms were safe. Resign or be removed.”

The Daily Wire posted about the case that involved the referenced teen, explaining that the teen would stand trial. Further, there was enough evidence to convict the teen. The boy identified his sex as something other than what he is biologically for the sole purpose of entering the girl’s restroom and attacking a genuine female.

The liberals are turning the school systems into a haven for sexual predators, and there seems to be no end in sight. Joe Biden and his administration love to let men attack girls and do whatever else they want towards them.

One father of four girls stated that “I do not want boys in my daughters’ bathrooms; I do not want boys on my daughters’ sports teams. How can I as a father, trust you as a superintendent and you as a school board to keep my daughter safe at school? Why would I want to entrust you with all of our daughters once they become school age? The answer is I can’t.”

Biden would mark all of these parents as terrorists and send the FBI to their homes for speaking up. But that did not stop these loving parents from protecting their children and removing them from the enemy’s camp.