DeSantis Points the Finger at Biden Over Illegals Being Flown In

Andriy Blokhin /
Andriy Blokhin /

Imagine finding out that thousands of illegal immigrants are suddenly in your state. You weren’t told. You weren’t able to warn anyone. And, you find out that it was done because the President thinks that he can get away with it.

It would be great if this was just a nightmare. It’s real. And it seems to be the very real nightmare that Ron DeSantis is having to deal with thanks to President Biden and his “catch and release” immigration plan.

We’ve all known that the border policies in place thanks to the Biden administration are dangerous. It’s not only costing us millions of dollars but also creating a safety issue for each and every American. Many of the illegal immigrants aren’t vetted. As a result, we have rapists and murderers climbing across the southern border only to be welcomed with open arms by the liberals.

DeSantis has found that there have been 70 flights containing illegal immigrants flown into Jacksonville over the past few months. This is part of Biden’s plan. He’s shipping them across the U.S., at night, so that they aren’t all stacking up in Texas and Arizona.

But…he hasn’t bothered to tell DeSantis or any of the other governors who have had to clean up the messes left behind by this highly illegal program.

The public safety czar of Florida, Larry Keefe, has said that there have been over 70 air charter flights coming from the southwest border. “On average, there’s 36 passengers on each of these flights.” He goes on to explain that “We’re in a sad situation of trying to run an investigation. Who is facilitating this travel? How are they getting here? Who are the support people? Who are the sponsors?”

No one wants to provide Florida with the answers they need. Keefe said that no one at the DOJ, DHS, or any other department in the federal government will provide info on who is overseeing these flights and authorizing illegal immigrants to be flown in.

DeSantis is outraged, and for good reason.

DeSantis is figuring out how he can fight back against what’s happening. He believes it’s being done by private contractors. Once he finds out who they are, he’ll fight back by denying state contracts to them – and potentially even denying them access to the entire Florida market.

DeSantis is also not above getting buses together, putting the illegal immigrants on those buses, and shipping them all to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

It’s not surprising that the liberals have come out in droves to point to DeSantis and call him a “racist” and a “xenophobe.” He is neither of these things. However, he is concerned about the safety and security risks that are created when illegal immigrants are simply dropped into his state without even a head’s up being given from the Biden administration.

There have already been murders as a result of the illegals being dropped into the state. So, how many more people have to die before Biden stops flying the illegal aliens across the country?

If we were to stop with the open border policies, murders such as these could have been prevented. It seems like common sense, but we’ve learned a while ago that the Biden administration doesn’t have any of that.