DeSantis Opens His State (and His Wallet) to Out-of-State Cops

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The country is falling apart at the hands of liberal leadership. With countless progressive cries to defund the police, many officers simply aren’t feeling appreciated. They’re retiring at record numbers. Those that are working are dealing with the perpetual red tape that stands between them and protecting their cities. And don’t even get them started on having to get vaccinated just because Biden has mandated it.

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, has a solution.

His plan was revealed during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox. He’ll be signing a $5,000 bonus into legislation for law enforcement personnel who wishes to relocate to the state of Florida.

“In Florida, not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs, we’re actually actively working to recruit out-of-state law enforcement because we do have needs in our police and our sheriff’s departments.”

It’s genius when you think about it. If law enforcement officers are being mistreated or being forced to get a jab that goes against their moral beliefs, there’s no need to quit. Instead, they’re being welcomed with open arms down to sunny Florida.

DeSantis was quick to call out some of the law enforcement departments across the US that are currently facing harsh vaccine mandates as well as unfair treatment. This includes departments in such liberal cities as Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York City.

Why is it that the only cities having tough times are the liberal ones? Shouldn’t that be a red flag to show that their leadership is failing?

Nonetheless, DeSantis is willing to offer an alternative to the officers who are tired of dealing with progressive agendas. He explains “We’ll treat you better here, and you can fill important needs for us, and we’ll compensate you as a result.”

DeSantis has been working hard to fight against the Biden administration. He knows just as many other conservative governors know that the federal government has stopped fighting. They have stopped listening to the American people. All they want to do is rule with an iron fist, and that includes mandate after mandate.

Florida’s man in charge is one of the first to stand up and say that what Biden is doing is unconstitutional. He doesn’t have the authority to require people to get vaccinated. It’s always been people’s choice. Yet, right now, Biden is basically saying that people get the jab or they lose their job.

Chicago is a perfect example of what DeSantis is fighting against. The Chicago Police Department has been extremely restrictive. 21 police officers have refused to disclose what their vaccination status is. As such, they’ve been put on a no-pay status and they’ve been stripped of their police powers. And, there are over 1300 CPD employees who have yet to get vaccinated. So, Chicago is about to get a whole lot scarier if they let those employees go over the jab.

Similar issues are happening in other liberal cities, too.

Biden shouldn’t be taking people’s choices away. It’s not only unconstitutional but it’s also wreaking havoc on the economy. In the end, DeSantis says that the vaccine is a choice. As for what Florida is doing about it, “We want to make sure we’re protecting your jobs and your livelihoods.”

Why is it that DeSantis gets it but Biden doesn’t? Oh, that’s right. The liberals put Biden in charge so that he could destroy American democracy.