Cuomo Says He Regrets Nothing…

Hans Pennink /
Hans Pennink /

There’s a reason why Andrew Cuomo is no longer the governor of New York. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and he couldn’t keep his comments inside of his head. He was accused of sexual harassment by so many people that we lost count. In order to save at least a bit of face, he decided that he was going to retire.

Retirement didn’t mean that the investigation stopped, though. After all, you can’t experience that many sexual harassment claims and think that you are going to walk away without having to deal with it all. Or, perhaps Cuomo did think it would end. His ego has been known to be quite large…

“I don’t have regrets.” That’s what he told investigators after he conceded that he made most of the comments that led to the accusations. However, he also tried to downplay the significance, saying that many of the comments were taken out of context.

He explained, “Look, if you could always state everything over, I’m sure I would state things – if I could restate everything I’ve ever said to a woman or a man, I’d say it differently. But generally, no.”

Wow. So, basically, this is his way of saying that he’s not even sorry about what he did to the women who have accused him. An interview that was conducted in July was enough to create a 512-page transcript. It was included in a report that was released two weeks later…and it ultimately led to the resignation of Andrew Cuomo.

Many people thought that Cuomo would remain as governor for years to come. He had been elected in 2010 and elected twice more, all with considerable margins. Yet, his ego is what ended up doing him in.

The number of allegations was considerable. A former staffer by the name of Charlotte Bennett said that the governor had compared her to Daisy Duke.

Cuomo recalls the interaction and said that he remembered her wearing the jean shorts and thought they were inappropriate for the office. He could have simply told it to her like that. After all, as the governor, he’s able to critique the attire of a staffer if he finds it inappropriate for the workplace. Instead, he said that he said something along the lines of “Oh, so what are you wearing Daisy Duke shorts today?”

The other stories go on and on. He’d make little comments about the women’s appearances, such as how they wore their eyeliner or how they had an uncanny resemblance to various people…including comparing one former staffer to his former girlfriend.

Perhaps one of the best stories is when he demanded that a female staffer eat a full sausage at the state fair in 2016. He claims it was taken out of context because it was at a sausage event.

Oh, and then there’s a story where he asked everyone to play strip poker. Cuomo claims he’s never even played strip poker.

When he was asked if he ever kisses staff on the lips, he answers “There may be an occasion where a staff member kissed me on the lips. But I kiss on the cheek as a rule.”

There’s just so much wrong with all that he said…and he never apologized. He has no regrets for his actions. And that is why he’s now out of a job. Perhaps it will pave the way for a Republican governor one of these days. Hey, we can hope…