War Is Coming to the Shores of Taiwan As China Continues Aggressive Actions

Keith Tarrier/shutterstock.com
Keith Tarrier/shutterstock.com

Tsai Ing-wen is the President of Taiwan. She and the people of Taiwan are threatened by the possibility of an invasion from China. And they have no reassurances that America, under the leadership of Joe Biden, will come to their aid. The west has all but turned its back on the small island democracy. Biden loves communism and will not jeopardize the love that he has for the red regime.

Ing-wen took to the airways and gave a clear warning that China could invade at any time. The island nation was celebrating its National Day when the warning was issued. She told the people to never bow to the pressure that China was putting on everyone. And it was at that moment that they told the world that Taiwan was ready for war.

The Chinese dictatorship believes the island belongs to them. A regime that believes they can do nothing wrong will think that everything belongs to them. Taiwan is a free society, and the red nation cannot influence near its borders. And the only way they know to snuff it out is to annex the land.

China has taken the liberty of violating Taiwan airspace by flying dozens of aircraft overhead. They are attempting to intimidate and show that they have the force ready to invade and take Taiwan by force if Ing-wen fails to comply with their demands. All China knows how to do is bully weaker nations into getting what they want out of them. And all they had to do with Biden to enlist his silence was buy him off.

Donald Trump stood with the Taiwanese people and helped them prepare for war while he was president. At least the tiny nation could expect help from a western ally when he was in office. But the Democrats cheated at the election and were able to take power that did not belong to them.

Ing-wen has stated that Taiwan was “standing on democracy’s first line of defense.” The nation is the steppingstone for democracy in Asia. For America to lose that foothold means an eastern platform for staging troops and allies is lost forever.

She also revealed that “After taking complete control of Hong Kong and suppressing democracy activists, the Beijing authorities also shifted away from the path of political and economic development that they had followed since ‘reform and opening up’ began decades ago. At the same time, regional order is being challenged in the South and East China Seas. The routinization of Chinese military activity in Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone (ADIZ) has seriously affected both our national security and aviation safety.”

Joseph Wu is Taiwan’s Foreign Minister. He has admitted that they believe the defense of the island nation is in their own hands. He revealed that they do not believe that Joe Biden will come to their aid. He has already abandoned the Afghan people, and now it looks like he will abandon Taiwan.

Taiwan’s president also laid out her plan to defend the country by stating they will continue to “bolster” their defenses. Twenty-three million people call the island their home, and they are not about to let a communist regime come in and take away their freedom.

The path that the Chinese have for the island only leads to death for the people. China will never let them live free. They will subject them to the horrors that every other Chinese citizen is forced to live with. And should anyone speak out against Mother China, it will only mean their death.

Wu declared that they were willing to fight to the very end of their existence to keep China from taking away their freedoms. He is confident that China will suffer during the conflict because the island will fight with everything the people have to remain free. He even admitted that a blockade would be terrible, but they will not bow to their pressure.

Joe Biden could learn from these people and what it means not to abandon people to the threat of terrorism and war. They are willing to defend their people to the death.