Joe Biden and Mark Milley Are Twin Liars As Revealed by Trustworthy General


General Mark Milley is a military man who has protected the United States for his entire lifetime. The care and effort that he has put into looking out for the nation have been his defining mark as a military member. But when he called the Chinese general and had a conversation about internal security matters, the patriot turned into a traitor.

Mark Milley is accused of relaying information to communist China and taking authority away from Donald Trump. During his defense, he tried to clear the air and keep from looking like a traitor. Only a Democrat would buy into his sob story and think that providing military information to a known enemy is justified.

Joe Biden has only made the situation worse for everyone. His betrayal to the American people in Afghanistan has led all the generals to pull away from him. There is no person alive who wants to be associated with Biden and his horrible policies. His betrayal is just as bad as General Milley’s betrayal.

During testimony, Milley tried to get the spotlight off of him by claiming he never did the things he was accused of. He tried to tell people that Nancy Pelosi tried to grab power from Trump by questioning him about nuclear procedures, and Pelosi was seeking any form of entry to take what was not hers to control. But somewhere in his testimony, he got out of answering for relaying information to communist China regarding American intent.

But even Milley’s actions are minor compared to what Joe Biden is doing. General McKenzie took the stand and provided much-needed information into the sadistic attacks by the Commander in Chief.

Biden once commented that he was never advised as to the frailness of the situation in Afghanistan. The president stated that no one ever told him to keep 2,500 troops in the region until the pullout could be completed and every soul saved. But his generals are telling a different story and are finally shedding light on the fact that Biden is a terrible president and human being.

Biden once revealed that his generals were not against pulling out of the country, and he mentioned that he was once advised that it was an all-out war or nothing short of a full retreat. But his advisors are telling the world that they told him to leave the 2,500 troops there. But with Biden’s mental state, there is a big question about what he can rightfully remember.

USA Today reported that Joe Biden once denied that the Taliban could take over once America left the country. He could not bring himself to admit the truth that a pullout would hand the region right back to the terrorist organization that America had once gone to war against. And he currently insists a takeover was never expected.

General McKenzie keeps saying that Biden was told that it would happen, and he told the president that if America left, the Taliban would return. But Biden is a good Democrat and does not trust anyone or what they say to him.

Joe Biden’s nasty face had already been all over the television screen telling people that it would be fine once America left. But his words were all lies, and now thousands of innocent Americans are trapped behind enemy lines hiding to stay alive.

Mark Milley even stated the same thing. And so did every one of the other generals who answered questions at the hearing. Milley seems to have sided with Biden but has quickly changed his tune now that things are turning against him.

General Milley seems to flip flop back and forth as the winds of favoritism change. On the one side is a president who lies through his fake teeth, and on the other side is a panel of generals claiming the president is not fit to lead. And in the middle is a traitor who would soon turn America over to the enemy than stand with a conservative president trying to keep America great.