Is the Number of Americans Quitting in Biden’s America Leading Us Toward Socialism?


If you go virtually anywhere right now, you’ll see a “Help Wanted” sign. People don’t want to go back to work – and it’s making it hard for the economy to recover.

Part of the problem is that there have been too many people who have grown dependent on what the government would give them. Many people sat at home collecting unemployment that was higher than their standard paychecks. It was a great system thanks to the pandemic.

It resulted in laziness. And entitlement.

The problem is that even though the added unemployment benefits are no longer being paid, people still don’t want to get back to work. And many have decided that going back to work isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, especially with vaccine mandates looming over many.

According to a recent report from the Labor Department, there were 4.3 million “quits.” This is a dramatic increase from the 242,000 who called it quits in July.

To steal the words out of political strategist James Carville who advised Bill Clinton, there was a response of “It’s the economy, stupid.”

But…that’s not really what’s to blame for the number of people quitting their jobs in August.

Many media outlets had expected the economy to rebound strongly in 2021. However, the Biden administration doesn’t know what they’re doing. They make promises and use inspiring mottos.

They haven’t created jobs and they haven’t been able to “Build Back Better,” either.

Representative Markwayne Mullin hits the nail on his head with his observation of the labor report. “The Biden Admin has created a culture that fosters unemployment. We saw it with the jobs report and we’re seeing it with these numbers too.”

Much of it has to do with COVID. However, Biden, teachers’ unions, airlines, and more are scaring Americans. People who quit, in the past, did so because they thought they would find better employment somewhere else. Now, people are quitting because they have health concerns, childcare issues, or don’t want to succumb to Biden’s vaccine mandate.

If people continue to quit, it’s going to make it easier for the Biden administration to swoop in with this amazing idea to solve everyone’s financial woes: socialism. You might as well start standing in a line for your loaf of bread now because that’s where we’re headed.

Chris Rupkey, the chief economist over at Fwdbonds, has said that the labor shortage isn’t because of COVID or childcare problems. Instead, he says that “the economy is strong as a bull, that is why there is a tremendous demand for labor.”

Wow, he’s been drinking the Kool-Aid a little too long.

Yet, we’re not hearing anything realistic from Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics, either. Consumers are now back in the driver’s seat when it comes to economic activity, and that’s the way we like it. A consumer that is feeling confident about the outlook will generally spend more freely.”

On the surface, it sounds great. But, how long will consumers feel confident when there aren’t salespeople to help them, everything takes longer to receive because truck drivers are boycotting the vaccine mandates, and restaurants are closed because they don’t have staff to cook the food?

We have to get people back to work. Capitalism is what makes America great. If Biden is planning on building America back better based on what his party wants, he’s breaking it down only to build it back up on a platform of socialism.