Frontline Health Workers Once Hailed as Heros Are Being Assaulted by an Angry Public…It’s Become a Dangerous Profession


These days, one year can seem like a lifetime. It’s difficult to imagine how, in such a short passage of time, we’ve quit pouring out our accolades on our country’s frontline medical workers. They were portrayed by the media as the superheroes they were, risking their lives amid a never-ending sea of COVID-19 patients for their beloved country. But something has changed…

Nationwide, medical workers are being subjected to threats of violence and hostile behavior at the hands of some of the very people whose lives they’re trying to save. And, from people on the street who wrongly hold them responsible for the imposed mandates they’re being forced against their wills to abide by. But keep reading. It gets worse.

For the record. Doctors, nurses, and bedpan emptiers aren’t guilty of anything except trying to make people well again. But the newfound hostility towards them is why the medical profession is experiencing a mass exodus of highly trained and educated workers who don’t want or need this politically-based crap in their lives. Their only focus is doing their jobs and doing them well. Pardon the pun, but they’re sick of it.

Dr. Stu Coffman who works in a Dallas-based emergency room said, “A year ago, we’re health care heroes and everybody’s clapping for us. And now, we’re being, in some areas, harassed and disbelieved and ridiculed for what we’re trying to do, which is just depressing and frustrating.”

Things have become so bad at Branson, Missouri’s Cox Medical Center that panic buttons have been issued to all of its 400 nurses and other staff members. Between 2019 and 2020, assaults have tripled to a record number of 123.

Brandei Clifton, a spokesperson for the hospital, said, “So many nurses say ‘it’s just part of the job.’ It’s not part of the job.”

Nurses in Boise, Idaho don’t stop at the grocery store on their way home from work. Many have said they go home first to change out of their scrubs for fear of harassment, or worse. 

Spokesperson Caiti Bobbitt at another facility in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, said non-COVID-believing families have accused the hospital staff of intentionally killing a loved one. “Our health care workers are almost feeling like Vietnam veterans, scared to go into the community after a shift,” she said.

A COVID-19 ICU unit nurse in Witchita, Kansas said families come in angry when their sick relative is near death and, then, accuse the medical staff of letting the person die. 

She said, “They cry, they yell, they sit outside our ICU in little groups and pray. Lots of people think they are going to get miracles and God is not passing those out this year. If you come into my ICU, there is a good chance you are going to die.”

Doctors and nurses mostly agree that the increase in incidents is a direct result of COVID-19, but for several reasons. The medical industry as a whole is suffering a critical shortage of personnel due to doctors and nurses walking off the job.

And, the shortage is also, oddly enough, partially due to some medical people not agreeing with vaccine mandates and not being allowed to work because of it. Maybe they know something we don’t. In this day and age, only one question comes to mind. Who would be surprised? Would you?