Dozens of California Students Still Stuck in Afghanistan?


For those of you thinking that the Afghanistan fiasco is officially done and over with, I have news for you: it’s not. While the U.S. has formally pulled out of the country, with the hope that all Americans got out safely, the fact of the matter is they didn’t.

Oh, the White House would like you to think that Afghanistan is now free of Americans completely, that we are all safe at home as we should be – minus the 13 heroes we tragically lost. Hell, they have even boasted in recent days about helping to get those few remaining souls out.

As a State Department spokesperson said on the matter, “We have assisted 105 U.S. citizens and 95 lawful permanent residents (LPRs) to depart Afghanistan.”

But as reports keep coming in, there are plenty that Biden has pretty much abandoned and left to their own devices.

And that includes dozens of California students.

Now, to be clear, I’m not talking about university or college-age students here. But, the fact of the matter is that there are at least around 30 school-age children from several different public school systems in California currently stuck in Afghanistan, forced into hiding from the Taliban, and literally fearing for their lives.

And no, I’m not the only source who says this is true.

Obviously, these kids have concerned parents, teachers, public school officials, and U.S. representatives who are all on their side and doing everything they can to facilitate a safe return home. But, it would seem that the White House and its now liberal-backed State Department, have forgotten about them, just like they have forgotten about the hundreds of others similarly left to die at the hands of terrorists.

U.S. Representative Darrell Issa is one such concerned citizen, and as a member of Congress, he is pulling all the strings he can to get these kids home, as several are from his district.

At the moment, his goal is to ensure safe passage for one family and student in particular, one from the Cajon Valley Union School District located near San Diego, California.

As a spokesman for Issa told The Los Angeles Times, “We are tracking one remaining El Cajon family unit, and it includes El Cajon schoolchildren. We’ve provided their names, documents and other detailed information to the State Department on numerous occasions – as well as discussed them with (the State Department) repeatedly.”

The spokesman continued, saying that Issa and his office have been and will continue to reach out on a “daily basis” to whoever they think can help, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and, of course, the White House itself.

As the Times has reported, there are currently about 38 Golden State students trapped under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, coming from the above-mentioned El Cajon district, as well as the San Juan Unified and Sacramento City Unified school districts.

And all three districts are working closely with “congressional representatives” like Issa to safely get these students and their families home.

As the superintendent of SCUSD, Jorge A. Aguilar, told the Times, “We remain hopeful that our students will soon be able to safely leave Afghanistan, come home to the U.S. and return to school in Sacramento.”

Why these kids don’t seem to be of any concern to Biden is completely unknown and incomprehensible. I mean, can you imagine what Trump would do to get these kids out safely?

Say what you want about his supposed egotism, not so eloquent tweets, or controversial ideas. Still, he would have never abandoned Afghanistan like Biden did and allowed the Taliban to take back control so quickly. Not in a million years.

If I can say one inarguable thing about former President Trump, he always put American lives first and honored our fallen. And that makes me believe he’d fight like hell to get every American soul back on U.S. soil as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, Biden seems content to forget about the whole situation just to save himself a little heat. And that includes paying no mind at all to the literal dozens of American children left behind enemy lines.

What a complete disgrace to the office he is supposed to embody…