CNBC Host Caught on Camera Visibly Shaken Over Report on Biden Failure: ‘Wow, that’s real low’

max dallocco/
max dallocco/

Conservatives are no strangers to disappointment in the Biden administration about how the economy and jobs are turning out since President Joe Biden was installed in office. It’s an open secret that Biden doesn’t know his way around economic growth. How could he? He has virtually no history of participation in the economy, being a career politician with almost 50 years of taxpayer salary under his belt.

However, it’s not often that the mainstream media allows the dire nature of what’s happening in the economy to make an appearance on their shows. It’s no doubt difficult for the economists and business experts who see the dangerous slide that the American economy is in to ignore what is, no doubt, horror and frustration.

And at least one anchor just didn’t. Maybe it was intentional, and maybe he was just overcome with the sheer gravity of what was going on, compared to what happened under the last administration. No matter what happened though, it was obvious that this anchor was distressed about the economic jobs report.

One CNBC host, Becky Quick, reacted to the September jobs report saying it was “definitely a weaker number than expected,” tossing it to Steve Liesman who replied “wow” and bowed his head to look closer at the page in front of him.

“194,” Liesman said, referring to the 194,000 jobs added last month. Quick responded with “Woah.” Liesman then repeated it, as if to assure listeners that he hadn’t misread the information, “I see 194,000? That is real low.”

The host went on to explain: “Wow, big decline, 4.8 percent, 5.1 was expected. Let me … see if I can find where the jobs were, and I think in this case, where the jobs weren’t. it was definitely a weaker number than expected,” he added, “Nothing really going on in leisure and hospitality. Declines in nursing. Where else do we have any declines? Not really any big declines here, just not, Becky, the numbers that you need to put people back to work right now. September now coming in weaker than August … and I think that’s the big story here.”

While the numbers are surprising, it’s downright shocking in comparison with the Dow Jones estimation of 500,000 jobs being added in September, and the outlet pointed out that the survey came as concerns about COVID-19 was again spreading across the nation.

Several lawmakers weighed in on the crushing job numbers, saying that it was devastating and this was the fault of the executive branch, hands down:

“President Biden’s failed economic policy has created an economic crisis. September’s jobs report is the WORST of the year,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Minority Whip Steve Scalise had even more to say, “Only 194,000 jobs added. When there were supposed to be 500,000. Joe Biden can’t do anything right. When will Democrats finally admit this administration is a total failure?”

Well Steve, that’s still unclear. Probably around the time they admit that angry liberals are more dangerous than angry conservatives. Oh, and it’s not a gun control problem; it’s a heart and actions control problem.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler said that “From Afghanistan to the border to our economy, the Biden administration continues to miss the mark — badly” and Sen. Tim Scott pointed out that it was “Another disappointing jobs report for this administration. And that “Our economy remains well short of full employment.”

What does all this mean? It means the Biden policies aren’t working, the economy isn’t just going to overcome bad leadership, and the American people need to start taking this president’s crushing damage seriously (and fast). Otherwise, it’s not going to be pretty.